Long Island Teen Gets Tased

On March 1st, a young teen from Copiague High School was running from a police officer. During the chase, the officer pulled out his taser and shot the teen, sending him to the ground, after which he was cuffed and brought into custody.

According to authorities, the police were called in to investigate a fight occurring in the residential area across from the high school building. The young teen, who was believed to be in possession of marijuana after being seen smoking, ran into the school away from the police. The teen wound up assaulting the officer in pursuit of him, the two getting into a struggle by the high school entrance, where the teen managed to escape by slipping out of his shirt. Shortly after escaping, the officer pulled out his taser gun and shot the teenager in the back.

The school is aware of the incident and explains that the situation was initiated off school grounds. After the occurrence, school faculty gathered for a quick meeting to discuss the incident.

“It was a terrible situation.” says one student, who attends the school. “But he assaulted an officer and ran. I think we’re just lucky it wasn't anything worse.”

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