I know that something myself and my friends who are single constantly think about is when we're going to get married. I think that as soon as a little girl watches a movie where the main character magically falls in love, she begins to imagine herself doing the same. There's a reason why little girls like to play house and to pretend to be a mommy. Majority of people want to be parents and be married to someone one day, but the hardest part is the waiting. I was talking to my friend the other day about this and I mentioned someone who would be perfect, but also not.

When we say we're "looking" for a man, half of us mean we are saying that in hopes that karma will work and make someone fall in love with us (or at least that's what I do) and the other half are actively going on dates and doing what you're supposed to. I would say that I do a bit of both, except I've never gone a date before. I know people my age who have never been in relationships before or been kissed. I don't think it matters what you've done before you marry someone because then you have the rest of your life to do that stuff.

I recently watched a sermon about women searching for the perfect man and their husband. The man said that when you are searching for a boyfriend, then you will always be a girlfriend because you act like a girlfriend. If you are a woman who acts like you are already someone's wife, then you will attract a husband. If you want to find a man who you can marry and be your husband, then you have to act like you already have a husband. I found this really interesting because that's how I act already.

I wouldn't say that I am single and just waiting around for any old thing to fall into my lap. I would say that I am single and reserved for the one God has chosen for me. I believe that God has planned out who we are supposed to be with our whole lives. If you being to "talk" to a boy, but it feels like you can do better, then you probably can. Or if you're with someone who checks off half of your boxes, don't settle, instead, wait for the person who checks off all of the boxes. There is someone out there who has been made for each of us. Also, if something feels forced and it's like you're both fighting for things to work, maybe you shouldn't be together.

The best way to find a husband is to let him come to you. You should carry on with your life no matter how cute the boy sitting next to you is. If you feel like you should talk to him, then go for it, but don't force things. The right person is going to come along when he's supposed and it will all make sense in the end. But seriously, if you just give up boys and focus on everything but that, who knows what could happen.