Whenever we hear about long distance relationships, we tend to think about how hard they are and how we would never prefer to have them. Sometimes when couples come to a point where they have to get into a long distance relationship, they think about giving up because they think that they cannot handle the distance. However, long distance relationships are not as bad as they sound. Yes, they do have their negatives. It is so much better to see the person you love every single day. Who wouldn't want that? But, having some physical distance between the one you love and you can have its benefits.

Here are some of the pros of long distance relationships:

1. Improves communication between partners

When you are away from each other, you have to communicate everything to keep the relationship strong. The other person has no idea what is going on in your life since they are not present. You have to tell them everything, from what happened in your life to how you are feeling.

2. There's plenty of "me" time

Sometimes you just need to time to yourself, whether it is due to stress from school or social exhaustion or honestly just because you wanna be alone. But, when you're in a relationship, you are expected to be available to your significant other most of the time. With distance, this isn't something you really have to worry about.

3. You can easily tell the difference between love and lust

Sometimes it is hard to tell whether you are just attracted to someone or if you truly like or love them for do are on the inside. With distance present, you don't get to see the person that often, but you do get to talk to them about their feelings and interests. So, the distance helps you figure out the distance.

4. You appreciate the time you have with each other more

The time you two spend together is so limited. You spend more time away from each other than with each other. So like anything that is rare, the time you spend together is more valuable and important.

5. There's no awkward small talk

You don't always get a chance to talk, so when you finally get to call or Facetime, there's always so much to talk about. Both of you have to catch each other up about what happened in your lives since the last time you talked. You don't even have the chance for small talk.

6. You master independence while being in a relationship

Often times when people get into relationships, they start hanging out with each other all the time and start doing everything together. You leave behind your individual hobbies to join each other to do things you both like. But when you are away from each other, you have the time and opportunity to be and do what you want and like.

7. There's always something to look forward to

Whenever you are sad or just in general, you always something in the mind that keeps you going. It can be the next you guys are actually meeting up or even just the next time you are Facetiming each other. Just the small things keep you going.

8. Balancing time between your significant other and friends is easier

When people get into relationships, they give all their attention to their significant other and kind of forget about their friends. Any free time they get, they spent it with their partner. But with long-distance relationships, your partner is not always around, so you have plenty of time to spend with your friends.