Yes I'm In A Long Distance Relationship & That's Not Bad Thing

Yes I'm In A Long Distance Relationship & That's Not Bad Thing

Times Are Changing & So Are Relationships

Autumn Jordan

In the past few years relationships have taken a turn. The once traditional relationship has become more relevant to the times and things have changed. Couples now move from phase to phase and others skip the once concrete relationship steps. Another type of relationship that has become more popular is long distance relationships. With people's busy schedules and lives less and less do you see both partners actually living in the same area. Between work opportunities and school this is becoming more and more common. Just because relationships are changing doesn't mean people's prospective are. Many times when you announce your in a long distance relationship you'll get a few surprised looks and maybe some questions. Why does our society continue to put negative connotations on long distance relationships? The media and often personal accounts of long distance relationships are negative, but that isn't always the case. Long distance relationships are all about working together just like any other relationship. Just because you see someone is in a long distance relationship does not mean you should just assume future failure. Just like another person who might have took the more traditional route there is still a chance where things might not work out. We shouldn't discourage anyone's relationship just because of a distance of a few miles or maybe even 100 miles. I have been in a long distance relationship for almost a year and I always hear something negative about being long distance. What doesn't help the age old tale about long distance relationships failing is when you continue to put down someone for their relationship status. This helps couples feel like they can't do it. If you constantly put a couple down or make them feel that way, eventually their relationship will go down. When you meet someone in a long distance relationship why not give them some encouragement and congratulate them on making it that far. Why can't other people be happy for each other? In a world full of people saying you can't last it would be nice to meet a few people that say you can. Being long distance is hard, but you gain so much and grow as a person.The goodbyes are hard, but the hellos are sweeter every time. The best part is that every time you meet you will have the best of times and every conversation will last for hours. So, why not change your perspective on long distance relationships? Let's try to change people's perspectives on long distance relationships. You never know, your next relationship just might be one. What is there to lose? Long distance relationships aren't a bad thing and i'm so glad to be in one.

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