Long Distance Friendships Are Hard

Long Distance Friendships Are Hard

I knew that she was the one person who knew everything about me, that she accepted me, that she would laugh so hysterically with me on a daily basis; what I didn't know was that my best friend wouldn't be there to share memories with me any longer.


I met my best friend in fifth grade. As cliché as it sounds, I knew there was a connection there from the start. I remember exactly how we met, what day, and what we were doing. Odd, I know. But from then on, we were seriously inseparable.

Growing up, I could go to her with anything. It didn't matter that we came from different backgrounds, had different opinions, and saw the world in a different light. We accepted our differences and it made us stronger. Sure, we don't always see eye to eye on some situations, but it has never stopped us from confiding in one another and trusting each other's judgments.

My eighth-grade year, I moved a half hour away. It wasn't super far but because our parents couldn't always drive us to see one another, we relied on a constant mobile connection to keep us close. Eventually, we got old enough to drive and we always made sure to make time for each other. As the story goes on, my freshman year in college we lived together and spent more time together the next two years than ever.

Like any relationship, you want someone to understand you, to love you, to be there for you. You want them to know you so well that when they judge you, it's because they want what's best for you—a judgment that is positive and truthful rather than negative. I knew I could count on her for anything. The longer we were friends, the more appreciative I was to have someone around that stuck through all of the tough teenage years.

We were so close that if we weren't spending time together, we were constantly texting. Eventually, she moved across the country and although I had known for a while before she moved, it didn't hit me until she was already gone for a few weeks. After that, and still after almost a year, I'll lay in bed every now and then and cry. I go through life always being reminded of things we'd do together, or instantly think of her when something happens in my day that I can't NOT tell her about. It sucks.

I knew we were super close. I knew that she was the one person who knew everything about me, that she accepted me, that she would laugh so hysterically with me on a daily basis. What I didn't know was that my best friend wouldn't be there to share memories with me any longer. It wasn't like she was gone forever or that we wouldn't talk, but no one prepared me for when adulthood came. They didn't say that you'd grow up, develop intimate relationships, have a family and move away. They didn't say that likely, your lives, relationships, jobs, kids, and everything else might take you away from the people you love.

I wasn't prepared for her to leave. I wasn't prepared to come home every night without spending time with her. I wasn't ready to go every day without seeing her. I wasn't ready to let go.

It did, at first, feel like I lost her. But no matter how far apart we were, we made it work. We'd Snapchat, text, and sometimes call one another. She came home for Christmas break, and I kid you not, every day that she was here, I was spending every second I could with her. It never felt like enough time. My heart was full, and my being felt relief. For a short time, everything went back to normal and spending time with her felt like she had never left. Eventually, she had to go back home, and it was the hardest thing to accept.

What I'm getting at is that long-distance friendships are extremely hard. Knowing that I'll only get to see my best friend, at best, twice a year is awful. No matter how many friends I make and no matter how close those friends and I get, no one can develop the bond that my best friend and I have developed since fifth grade.

I hate that when we have kids, they won't grow up together. I hate that I'm missing out on memories. But no matter all of these circumstances, I'm just glad to have such a special, understanding and carefree person to be a part of my life even if it is mostly through my phone.

To Abby,

I hope you know how much of an impact you have made on my life since we met. I hope you know how important you are and how much of a blessing you are. Thank you for everything, sincerely. I don't know where I'd be without you.

Love you,

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An Open Letter To My Elementary School Best Friend

Thank you for your part in my journey.

To this day, some of my favorite memories are the ones we made swinging on the playset or biking around the neighborhood. It seemed like we could always do whatever we set our little minds to. Not only did we get to grow up together, but we quickly became best friends. You taught me the true meaning of friendship at such a young age, and I am so thankful for that.

I'm so happy you were the one by my side for all of life's first adventures. So many big events happen in elementary school that are truly overlooked. My first crush. Your first crush. Our rock band that had a total audience of four (our parents). Many, many, many birthday parties. Intense games of four square on the playground. Riding around on our bicycles feeling like the coolest big kids in the world. Oh, and don't forget when we each entered "womanhood" but were too afraid to tell each other.

Thanks for always being a shoulder to cry on. Like that time I got my hair cut too short and was worried everyone would make fun of me. You were also my celebration partner when I got an A on those tricky mad minutes. I'll always remember our sleepovers where we stayed up all night talking about our little lives. Or the next morning when your mom would make us macaroni and cheese and we would watch TV all afternoon.

I remember always wanting to be like you. When you had posters of the Jonas Brothers hung all over your room, I suddenly developed a crush on them too. Or when you told me you didn't like Hannah Montana's best friend Lilly, I decided I didn't like her either. We were like two peas in a pod. We rode the bus to school together, had most of the same teachers, and even dressed alike on Halloween. I remember wanting to build a tunnel between our two houses, but our parents sadly said no. You can't get much more best friend-like than that.

But out of every adventure we've had, some of my favorite times with you were simply swinging back and forth on my swing set. I don't know why, but when I think of our friendship, that is what comes to mind. Our deepest talks occurred on the swings, and there is something about having your best friend by your side on a breezy night that is irreplaceable. Those are the memories I love the most.

And even though we have now gone our separate ways, our bonds in childhood are cemented. I'll forever be thankful for the fun times and deep talks we've shared. Thank you for being the best friend a girl could ask for. I'll never forget you or the memories we made.

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To My Best Friend Of 15 Years

You are my person.


To my person,

I will never forget the first day that we met. It was the first day of preschool and my mom had just dropped me off. As I started to walk into the classroom I noticed that you were sitting alone on the floor crying. Not sure what to do, I went over to you and asked if you wanted to go play. Your face immediately lit up as we walked into the classroom and in that moment I knew that you would become my best friend. Ever since that day we've been attached by the hip and I wouldn't want it any other way.

April Roberson

Our friendship is the one true relationship that I can count on and for that I am forever grateful. This friendship of ours goes beyond our laughs and lake days. It's real. Through blood, sweat, and tears you've always been right by my side no matter what. You pick me up when I am drowning in pain. You cheer for me even when my ego is a little too high. You love me even when you should hate me. But, most importantly, you stand by me.

Our friendship is the perfect example of trust. You taught me that the right people can be trusted and will not betray you. No matter how dark the secret or how crazy the adventure, you never speak a word about me to anyone. You care about protecting my heart from the awful things in this world and when I am broken you are always there to pick up the pieces no matter how long it takes them to heal.

April Roberson

Our friendship has been a lifetime of happiness with a little bit of spunk. Not only do you encourage my crazy adventures, but you're always right by my side for each one. You keep life exciting and you make it easy. You are a true gift from God and I feel completely indebted to you for the role that you've played in my life. Our friendship is so special because it's full of our tremendous amounts of giving, sharing, and most importantly, love. There's not a day that goes by when I don't feel overwhelmingly thankful to have you by my side doing life with me.

So thank you, to my person. Thank you for always showing up for every little thing and making life so much better. Thank you for being my adventure inspiration and my lifelong travel buddy. Thank you for loving me unconditionally through the good, the bad, and the ugly. Lastly, thank you for being the one person that I can forever count on in this life time. I love you with my whole heart and I wouldn't want to do life with anyone else. You are my person.



April Roberson

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