One of London's, and the world's, most legendary night clubs has been shut down, and the after effects are rippling across the globe.

fabric (spelled with a lowercase 'f') has been a staple in the electronic scene for nearly two decades, and has been one of the most highly regarded nightclubs. A recent string of drug related deaths has catapulted the club into the forefront of local politics, and Islington Borough Council decided to revoke fabric's license and permanently shut the establishment on September 6.

Despite statements in support of keeping the nightclub open from both London's Mayor Sadiq Kahn and MP Emily Thornbury, the council ruled against their wishes, sending the message that no nightclub in the UK is safe.

Other cities and countries have responded to show their support of nightclubs' place in their culture. Berghain in Berlin has been award the tax status of a High Culture venue, and Vienna has officially recognized all dance clubs as cultural spaces.

A campaign to fight the governemnt and reopen fabric has launched, and has garnered quite a bit of support so far. Click here for more information on how you can get involved.