Local bar goer Eric Thompson was swept up in debate last Friday night over the issue of guns in America. Mr. Thompson, an avid supporter of gun control found himself for the first time in a confusing conversation. While talking with his friends in the bar, someone brought up a recent shooting, to which Mr. Thompson was quick to pronounce, “I cannot believe the barbaric state of gun laws in our society. The fact that anyone can just buy a gun that they don’t need is insane.” Thompson continued in this vain for several more minutes, describing his complete abhorrence for American gun culture. He concluded his argument by stating, “in fact, I think it’s about time we get rid of the second amendment, and have the police make certain citizens are not in possession of guns.”

Thompson then sat down to finish his beer. He was then caught off guard when the conversation switched to another topic that stirred his emotions: the most recent case of excessive use of force by police officers. His friends were saying that they could not believe how little they can trust police these days with so many situations of police shootings. Thompson was quick to join in the conversation, “yes, I completely agree, the police are so irresponsible with their guns. In fact, they should be taken away immediately.” Thompson paused there for a moment, sensing he had said something wrong. “What I mean to say, of course, is that people cannot be trusted with guns, so they should be taken away by people with guns who I don’t trust. I mean the police shouldn’t have guns… oh but then how could they take guns away from the citizens. Maybe the citizens should have guns, and the police lose theirs because they’re so irresponsible. Oh but then who would stop them from shooting each other? When you put those two things side by side, it really makes you think.”