If you are flawed and broken, you are still beautiful. You may have been through a lot, but you still found the strength to keep going and that is what makes you so beautiful.

In this life, we are all bound to make mistakes. Some mistakes are worse than others, and if you happen to make some really bad mistakes, that's OK. After all, you are human.

It's OK to have off days. It's OK to have days where you are glued to the couch in a fetal position and don't move. It's OK to not be OK.

Stop being so hard on yourself.

You are a broken, yet beautiful soul. All of your parts are so fragile yet are made up of so much strength. Though you may keep getting broken, you always manage to find the glue and you are the one who repairs yourself. You are the one who mends yourself.

Even after all the jarring storms that you have been through, you come out shining brighter than any ray of sunshine. Even after all the cruel words that people have spewed at you and all the times they have treated you unkindly, you still find the strength to craft your words out of honey.

You still seek the goodness in everyone.

After all those times you felt like you couldn't keep going, you made it. After all those times you marinated yourself in self-hatred, you still managed to show yourself some form of love. No matter if it was simply taking a shower or doing a face mask, you found the strength to keep going.

Maybe as life goes on, the glue will hold your pieces nice and sturdy. Maybe the glue will give out, and if it does, that's OK. Each piece of your soul is beautiful, no matter how shattered it may be.

You are not your mistakes. You are not your past. You are the words that you speak. You are the love that you show. You are the kindness that you put into this world.

You are your favorite songs. You are your favorite movies. You are the way your soul lights up when you talk about your passions. You are everything you put into this world.

You are broken, and you are beautiful.