I have lived with a learning disability since I was 12 years old. When I tell people about my difference, they are shocked because I look and act normal; this is because I am good at hiding the fact that I am unique. I remember it like it was yesterday: taking all the tests trying to figure out why I learn differently than everyone else. Just remember that you are a unique case, and no one can tell you differently. Growing up, I had to face challenges like this to figure out what is considered normal as I tried to fit in. As if you already guessed it, growing up was a struggle for me socially in trying to make new friends.

I am diagnosed with a non-verbal learning disorder, which means I have trouble reading facial expressions that people make and picking up on social cues. I also have trouble recognizing what different types of body language mean in a certain situation. I also struggle with knowing if people are joking or not because I take what people say very seriously. I also fixate on things that need to be done on a daily basis and I tend to drive people crazy with that. I feel bad once I am doing it, but I can never stop once I get started. I have learned that being different is good enough and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

My advice to you if you are struggling with a learning disability is to always be yourself and don't change for anyone else. Remember that you are smart, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise because people sometimes don't know how to react to your special way of thinking. It can be hard and I can understand that. Also, remember that you are not alone. Remember the only person that you should listen to is yourself, and just brush off the negativity.