4 Backward Steps The U.S. Has Taken In Trump's America
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4 Backward Steps The U.S. Has Taken In Trump's America

What is it like for minorities to live in Trump's America?

4 Backward Steps The U.S. Has Taken In Trump's America

The 2016 election changed America, some believed that electing Donald Trump would turn America around, and some already knew the outcome if he was elected. It has almost been two years since he was named President and America has not changed for the better, but for the worst.

Many of his supporters (who are white) believe that America is just fine and that by the time his term is over America will be the greatest country ever, but many minorities don't see America getting better only worse they only hope they can make it two more years when his term is finally over. This is what its like to live as a minority living in Trump's America.

1. African Americans

African Americans a group that voiced their opposition to Donald Trump. 92% of all Black voters voted against Donald Trump and there is a reason. Trump has stated that Black Americans are responsible for a majority of white murders. He has stated that equal sides where to blame when discussing the Charlottesville KKK Hate Rally. He also blamed Obama for Ferguson. Trump believes that the unarmed African American killings are a "local" issues and the federal government does not need to step in. As African Americans live in Trump's America every week we see how a bystander has called the cops on a black person or a group of black people because they are "disturbing the community" or selling water without a permit, in reality, they are simply minding their business. We also see how unarmed African Americans are being arrested or killed by the police without having committed a crime. African Americans are being racially discriminated against because people assume that the color of their skin means that they are guilty of a crime they didn't commit and that's the ugly truth when living in Trump's America.


The LGBTQ+ community was and still is not a fan of Trump with a few who are brainwashed into thinking he will do some good for them. Many knew Trump wouldn't do any good for the gay citizens in America since Trump has voiced his opposition to gay rights. Since Trump's election, he has banned Transgender citizens from being able to serve in the military. He has also stopped a bill by Obama that would allow trans people to use which every bathroom they should use. However, this hasn't stopped the LGBTQ community from being who they were meant to be. Unfortunately, they still have to watch out for homophobic people. Since the 2016 election hate violence against the LGBT community has risen by 86%, LGBTQ homicides (based on sexual orientation) doubled in 2017, and 28 transgender people have been killed in 2018. This is not the outcome we need, but its the one we got living in Trump's America.

3. Women

Women are another group that has voiced outrage against Trump. We see in the Exit Polls Provided by CNN that 59% of women voters voted against Trump, but now today women are also having a tough time living in Trump's America. Trump has decided on trying to change Title X. Title X was enacted in 1970 to provide a broad range of contraceptives and preventative health care. The change will make it very difficult for women to get birth control, cancer screenings, and STD testing and treatment from programs like Planned Parenthood. It will also force doctors to not be able to give information to mothers about abortion as an option if they need it to survive. Women are going to be denied basic health services living in Trumps America. Trump has also stopped the implementation of an equal pay rule that Obama started. This would have ended the pay gap that America desperately needs. However, this year is not over. Women are trying to get America back on track to actually being great again. 2018 is the Year of the Woman and numerous women are stepping up to the plate and running for government offices. 178 women have won a seat in the Senate, US House or even Governor, and 197 are waiting for primaries! Women are taking over America!

4. Latinos

A total of 72% of all Latino voters voted against Trump. Trump has voiced his opinions against Latinos saying that all "illegals are criminals and rapist". He wants to build a wall on the border to ensure no one can enter this country illegally and he wants to bus all illegals back to Mexico. Naturally, when Trump was elected Latinos were the biggest target living in Trumps America. Today thousands of immigrants have been taken into custody as prisoners and deported to Mexico, Thousands of families have been separated, thousands of innocent children have been abandoned. Doctors all over the world have stated that the emotional and mental turmoil that this will bring kids is terrifying, but the separations are continuing. Many Latinos are terrified that they may never see their kids again. They are living in a state of fear.

Fear; that's what it's like to live in Trump's America. Living in a state of fear. These people are living in a constant state of fear, Will I be harassed? Will my children be taken from me? Will my health rights be stripped away? This is America the Land of the Free not the Land of Fear. Something must be done. And there is something. Help support these groups of people. If you see someone who is black or LGBTQ getting harassed step in and say something. Attend Women's Day Marches, and support the #MeToo movement. Vote in all elections so Trump won't be re-elected and others like him won't take office. Most of all show support to not only these groups of people, but to all people. Everyone in America is different, that's what makes us so great. So let's embrace those differences and show love to all citizens and then maybe we can make this country great again.

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