17 Tried And True Signs You're In The South
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17 Tried And True Signs You're In The South

There's nowhere sweeter.

17 Tried And True Signs You're In The South

Welcome to the South, y'all! It's arguably the best place in the world. Whether you're from out of town (please don't say from the North) or are a Southerner feeling nostalgic, here are 17 signs you're in the right place. Just don't forget your bug spray and portable fan, things might get a little messy.

1. Our bodies are made up with approximately 97% sweet tea.


Don't EVEN get near me with that unsweet tea, you barbarian.

2. "Bless your heart" isn't a compliment. Definitely not.


I hate to break it to you but Ms. Ina from down the road isn't being sympathetic or even nice to you. Sorry, Hun.

3. Everything is fried, baked, or packed with butter. Did I mention fried?

They don't call us the Stoke Belt for nothing, folks!

4. "You all" is a foreign language to us.


We only speak "y'all" down here.

5. Everyone is really sweet and kind.


Not as sweet as our tea, though.

6. Southern hospitality is a real thing and everyone knows not to mess around with it.

Thank you notes go out no later than a week after any gift or dinner party, you call if you're running more than 5 minutes late, and you always remember your "yes ma'am" and "no ma'am".

7. "Hush your mouth" is Grandma's favorite saying.


Politely shutting kids up since, well, forever.

8. Sunday football is basically a religion to us.

We take it very seriously. Don't talk to us from Sunday afternoon until Monday morning, when we've had a chance to recover, thanks.

9. Don't even get me started about the heat.


Mainly because it will take everything out of us. There's no tired like a summer in the South tired.

10. Grits are basically their own food group.

They're great. You can start the day with cheesy grits and end it with shrimp and grits. That's a well rounded diet right there, y'all.

11. Speaking of food, fried green tomatoes are vegetables. No doubt about it.


Get your 5 servings a day, kids!

12. Kids start driving basically at birth.


OK, actually like 10 years old. You get the picture.

13. You can never tell if that was a bird or a mosquito. 

They're the same size, I'm not even being dramatic. Bug spray is our best friend.

14. One snowflake and the whole South is cancelled.


Until two weeks later when everything has finally melted and people are brave enough to leave their warm and cozy homes.

15. Coke is ~literally~ the name for every soda available.


Somehow everyone knows which one you mean. It's a secret language.

16. It seems like every woman has the same hairstyle.

It's probably because they all go to the same salon, aka, the only salon in town.

17. Even though it seems like it, not everyone voted for Trump.


While I'm here, I thought I should just add that to the stew-pot. Just food for thought.

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