Living In The "Go-to" Hang Out Room

For the second consecutive year, I find myself residing in the “go-to" hangout room. In other words, every time my friends need a place to gather, hang out or reconvene, my room is almost always singled out. Sometimes it is recommended by another, many a times it is offered up by either me or my roommate. I am rarely reluctant when it comes to having people over, and even encourage my friends to swing by whenever their little hearts desire. However, there are a few setbacks to being the co-host of the “go-to" hangout room. Here are some pros and cons to having your room be second home to your friends.


I am never far from my bed.

I am with my friends at all hours of the day and night and though it may sound like a nuisance to have people in your room well past midnight, it actually is pretty convenient. I would have been with them anyway, but since they are in my room, my bed is less than a hop, skip and a jump away.

I can surpass the designated time allotted for getting ready.

When people come to my room before we go out or go to brunch/dinner, they have to be fully ready. Meanwhile, I can squeeze in an extra few minutes without causing too much of a delay. Considering I have a hard time leaving my bed (see pro #1), I definitely need the extra time, too.

I can control the music.

This also applies to movies should we choose to watch one. Yes, I share this blessing with my roommate, but sharing the aux is easier when less people are involved.


Cleaning up the mess.

Crumbs, trash and other remnants of human existence are always scattered around the room after more than three people have been there for longer than five minutes. It is never the fault of my friends or guest; it is just a natural result. Unfortunately, my roommate and I are left to clean up the shambles of our room after everyone leaves.

Everyone borrows what they forget.

Since my room is the last stop before leaving for another destination, I often end up lending out random things that others have failed to bring. The proceeding days then turn into a scavenger hunt to find all my missing things.

Asking people to leave.

Most of the time, my friends know when my roommate and I want them to leave. When it is late at night and we are ready to pass out, the people in our room usually know to head out. Every once in a while, though, I get in a mood when I am ready for people to leave, but I can not express this in a polite way. I simply have to wait out the lingering social gathering taking place and try and be a little more lively.

Honestly, I like having everyone come to me (my room). It may be a nuisance at times, but I think the pros outweigh the cons nine out of 10 times. Sure, I need some "me time," but I should probably be more social anyways.

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