Why Is It A Struggle To Live At Peace With Some?
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Why Is It A Struggle To Live At Peace With Some?

Unfortunately we live in a world where it is seemingly impossible to live at peace with everyone.


Unfortunately we live in a world where it is seemingly impossible to live at peace with everyone.

Why do we discourage instead of support?

Why do we tear down versus building up?

When someone doesn't think the way that another does they are ostracized for having the "wrong" thoughts and opinions and that's just not okay.

I am someone who craves to be at peace with everyone. I want others to look at me and see Jesus and know that they are loved, encouraged, and supported.

The world needs more love.

There are of course things that I just cannot get behind and I never will be able to get behind, but that doesn't mean that the individual deserves hatred. They still deserve unconditional love, always.

In today's society it's common to remove someone from our lives without a reasonable cause. We think it's okay to just not love them because we simply don't want to. Don't confuse this with the notion that we shouldn't remove some people. Some people don't belong in our lives whether it's for only a season or permanently.

I'm imperfect and I struggle to find the ability to have peace in circumstances where I have been wronged, but want to still love. It's much easier to hold on to the hurt and disappointment- and that robs the peace from me.

I recently had a friend who I loved, supported, and encouraged unconditionally. I listened when she needed and always tried to answer the phone to one of her phone calls even though I knew it'd be an hour of potential complaints. I hardly ever felt encouraged as the conversation was always one sided. However, this was my friend and I wanted to love her regardless because she needed that.

Unfortunately, she recently felt the need to step back and no longer speak to a few people who had always been there for her. We questioned whether we were too encouraging or two positive, but that is something i'll never feel bad about.

I was hurt, but also very embarrassed. Why was I there for her consistently, even when warned to back off only a day earlier, and she gets to make the decision to walk away. I felt like it should've been me, but God knew I would've never made that an option.

I lost my peace immediately and am still honestly struggling to find it in this situation.

However, the same night this so called "friend breakup" happened was the same night I was surrounded by beautiful and powerful women who love the Lord and have been a constant source of love and encouragement since my move earlier this summer. God was closing the door to one hurt, but showed me what He's given me.

I do hope that this friend will one day feel like she is loved unconditionally by me and that I always will love her. She's a beautiful soul with beautiful passions and dreams. I hope that she's blessed big in life.

I know that right now, unfortunately, she's doing something she may feel is best, and I pray that my heart is protected from her walking in and out as she pleases. I am someone who loves wholeheartedly and friendships are so important. So, if she's reading this I want her to know that she's so loved by me and always will be and that whatever she's looking for in life- I hope she finds.

This morning during my devotion God gave me this verse- "If possible, on your part, live at peace with everyone" Romans 12:18. It instantly became motivation for my article as this has been a hurt on my heart I have needed to get out in words. I pray that I will continue to find and keep the peace in this situation and that no matter what I realize that I am worthy and so love by Him and those who He has placed in my life for such a time as this.

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