Living at Home with Your Family in Your 20s
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Living at Home with Your Family in Your 20s

I'm saving a lot of money by staying at home.

Living at Home with Your Family in Your 20s
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This is a response to the article, "Don't Take Living At Home For Granted."

In this expensive economy today, I pretty much have to live at home in order to avoid living paycheck to paycheck and to save money for when the time comes for me to move out (if that ever happens, depending what the future is like). I am fortunate enough to work 100% at home to save even more money and have more time to myself outside of work. Plus, I don't have to dress up in professional business clothes. I can just wear a t-shirt and sweats at home while getting my work done. And at least I'm not alone since my mom also works 100% at home, my dad has hybrid, and my grandma still lives with us (she doesn't work though). My younger sister is away for college and is only home during breaks. I could consider to myself lucky due to the circumstances of today.

I'm not take living at home for granted since I don't have to pay for rent and groceries. I only pay what I need or want. Of course, I don't overspend. I like to save a lot of money as I can since I refuse to suffer. My younger sister is aware of what is going on so she's saving a lot of money as she can by working a paid internship and a couple of part time jobs. As sisters, we both agree we would live together at some point when the time comes. We got each others back.

As for my parents, they care for me and they do support me with whatever I do. However, they are strict. I do have to tell them where I'll be at whenever I go out and once I move out, I can't exactly rely on them for help and to pay for my stuff. I'm on my own on that. Keep in mind that I don't have a partner so I'm really on my own besides being with my sister. But I'm thankful for them that I can save a lot of money and that I graduated from both undergrad and grad school with zero debt.

Also, like the author mentioned, I rather live at home rent free than having to cook every meal. Okay, I don't mind cooking and do enjoy doing it sometimes but it's nice to have a home cook meal from your own family. It saves a lot of money.

Living at home with your family in your 20s is not so bad. In fact, it can be beneficial. And if anyone tells you otherwise, please ignore them. Do what's best for you without pressure. You do not want to be living paycheck to paycheck and living with roommates who you barely know or can't get along with. Life is tough. And as I get older, I couldn't care less of what people thought of me. Life is too short (I know I said that many times). I wouldn't worry about what people thought about me living at home with my family. I'm not going to take that for granted.

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