After graduating high school, sometimes before or a few years after, you will move out of your parent's home. I did not understand at first how different life would be living away from home (and in a dorm, nonetheless). I never realized that there would be things I would miss so much and things that would be drastically different.

1. Contrary to popular belief, you will actually miss your parents

Yes, you will miss them. I miss my dad and step-mom beyond belief right now. They mean the world to me. I love them and I wish that they were here with me. I call my parents daily unless that day happens to be busy for me. Sometimes I wish they were a two minute drive from me so that I could give them hugs more often. Sometimes I get so homesick that I cry, and I am not afraid to admit that.

2. You have to get a job and pay for things in time

In time, remember that. But you will have to get a part-time or full-time job and pay for not only your education, but other things as well. You'll have to pay for food, clothes, toiletries, and other necessities. Your parents used to pay for so much of this, but now it is your turn to pay for these things on your own.

3. You will realize that you love sleeping in your own bed

Yes, as crazy as this sounds, being in your own bed at the home is something you will miss so much. I miss sleeping in my comfortable bed surrounded by my own room. Waking up to what you know can be oddly surprising and comforting.

4. No matter what, your parent's house will always be home

There is a difference between house and home. While a room may be what know as your house at college, the same idea exists. For me, my 'house' is my dorm, but it will never be my real 'home'. For me, home is where my family is, and it is where I have always known it to be.

5. Scheduling your own appointments is scary

Although this may sound like a joke, I am being serious. Having to schedule your own appointments is difficult for you. Sometimes you need to have other information your parents have, and as much as you want to be an adult, you need to call them and ask for information.

6. That isn't the only scary thing, you have to take care of yourself

You have to balance your diet and watch your portions. You have to watch what you are eating, work out often, and make sure that your mental health is in check. I never thought it would be so hard, but I have to make sure that I get the right nutrients.

7. No one will ever love you more than your family

I don't care who you meet or how much that person loves you, there is no love like the love your family gives you. You don't realize how much they love you and how much they appreciate you until you leave. I cry because I miss them so much and when I call them, they really do express how much they miss me too.

8. Money is scarce

Remember the job thing I talked about? Yeah, money is hard to come by. You may have money but the thing is, you need to use it for the things you need before you spend it for yourself and enjoyable things. I know that it sucks, but you really don't get the luxury of buying extra things.

9. Being out of your comfort zone is worse without your family

I live two hours away from home, and I miss it so much. I'm in a different city, and this city is totally different from where I am from. I lived in a small town, and now I am living in a semi-big city. Being out of my comfort zone sucks, but without my family here to help me get through it, it is that much worse.

10. You will always have a place at home, but sometimes you wish you could always be there

Despite the fact that you are excited at first to live away from home, you will miss being there all the time. If you are anything like me, you've always wanted to get away from home. After moving away from home about five months ago, I wish that I could be stuck there all the time, whether I admit it again or not.

11. You will call them for advice

You could be crying and having a breakdown from stress, screaming and calling them names, and your parents will listen. Your parents will listen, and they will give you advice that they know may be hard for you to hear, but it can be hard for you to hear it, but no matter what the situation may be. your parents will do what they can to help you.

12. They might actually call you for advice, too

Believe it or not, your parents will be calling you up to ask for advice on their lives. I know it sounds strange, but they do it. My friends and I always talk to our parents and give them our thoughts on what they are going through.

13. Home cooked meals truly are the best

Home cooked meals are the best, they are extremely tasty as well as made 'with love' from your parent(s). The saying, "There is nothing like a home cooked meal" is true.

14. If you have pets, they are your babies, and you miss them

"Yeah I am mom to three beautiful girls" is the best way to turn someone away, but little do they know that the three babies are my cats. For me, they are my babies, and I miss them beyond belief. Anyone with a pet can relate to this.

In all honesty, living at home is rough sometimes, but living away is worse. Share this with your family if you relate.