Have you ever felt like you just aren't living how you want to?

Have you ever wanted to make a big change in your appearance but was afraid of the thoughts of others?

Well, I am here to tell you to do it. Live! Do what your heart desires!

For half of my life, I struggled with alopecia areata. Since the 3rd grade, my hair has fallen out. Being so young and having to go through that can stress you out internally. Then imagine having your peers tease you about being bald, while also being overweight. I always wanted to live my life but I didn't fully live how I wanted to because I was afraid of the opinions of others.

So after my 20th birthday, I decided to live my life with no regrets and to not think about the opinion of others. With that being said, on May 17th, 2018, I decided to cut off all of my hair again. Why?

Well, it allowed me to free all of my worries and fears of society. When I did it, I was so happy and I couldn't stop smiling. It was like an energy came over me and just freed all my soul of confinement. Then my father decided to help me fix up what I couldn't see and he asked what made me want to cut my hair off. I started to explain it to him. While I explained it to him began to cry. I cried because I felt free. I felt like my soul was truly at peace and I felt so much happiness overcome me.

With that being said, I want to say this: Live your life!

Don't think about what the world will think for you are the only one that matters.

My father told me something that I always knew but I truly needed someone to tell me. He said, "Do what you want for you because you have to live with it. So if it makes you happy, then do it."

Listen to that and understand that even your parents can't tell you what to do truly because like everyone in this world, we all have free will to some extent.

Have a good day and I wish peace and happiness be upon you!