Yesterday I went to a concert. It was at a little hole in the wall in Denver. The floors were sticky and there were hand written notes scribbled all over the wall. It was so dark I could hardly see after walking indoors, and there was no air conditioning. Soon the place was filled with the smells of beer and the air was so humid and hot we might as well have been crammed into a greenhouse in 100 degree weather. The sound system wasn't the best and no seating meant everyone stood on the hard wood floors for hours but nevertheless, it was one of the best concerts I've been to.

I've always loved music. Growing up with musical parents meant that a love of different sounds was almost built into my DNA. Although I remember going to a Jump5 concert when I was little, it wasn't until recently that I have come to appreciate how amazing hearing a live band can be. Not only is it a great way to hear some incredible music, it's also a great experience and loads of fun. Here’s why:

1. Socializing and meeting new people

One of the greatest things about going to concerts is the fact that they are social events. Not only is it an amazing place to hang out with your friends, but it’s also a wonderful opportunity to meet some new ones. What a better place to meet new people than at a concert. You already have so much in common given the band you’re there to see.

2. Being introduced to new bands

While many people avoid showing up to a concert before the main act, I always try to arrive in time to hear the opening bands. If a musician was picked to open for your favorite band, then chances are they have some musical aspects in common. I’ve been introduced to some of my now-favorite bands this way!

3. Hearing (and meeting) some of your favorite musicians

Live music is typically very different than listening to a song you bought off of iTunes. When performing live, musicians tend to be a bit more experimental and they often have to rearrange their music so that it is able to be performed live. Not only will the music often be a bit more unique than you’re used to hearing, but depending on the size of the show you may be able to meet your favorite artist. That’s just what musicians are – artists – and it’s always an amazing experience getting to talk with them one on one about their craft.

4. Supporting your favorite artists

This is especially true for smaller artists. Musicians make their living off of touring and performing, so go out and support them! There's always merch for sale at the concert, too, which you can snag as proof of your attending the concert. Limited edition concert tees are a thing - don't be that person who buys one after the fact. I know I have steadily been expanding my collection over the past couple of years.

5. Visiting some amazing venues

While the bands are always spectacular, sometimes the venues are even more so. I'm lucky enough to live just a hop, skip, and a jump away from Denver - where there are some amazing venues. I've been to Red Rocks in Morrison, to the Pepsi Center, and to loads of smaller venues. Sometimes part of the fun of attending a concert is exploring the venue - and of course admiring the acoustics and overall vibe of the place during the show.

Regardless of whether you have been to a million live shows or have never been to a concert before, seeding your favorite musicians perform live is a truly amazing experience. Now go buy yourself some tickets, stat