How To Live In A Small Living Space
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How To Live In A Small Living Space

Say goodbye to walk-in closets and bathtubs.

How To Live In A Small Living Space
Jessica Ma

Housing in a large city is expensive. Finding a single room in a large city is even more expensive. Whether it's LA or Paris or New York or DC, it's nearly impossible to find anything under $1000 a month with those qualifications. The ones you do find on a whim are small, but they're singles and won't break your bank.

You move in, and you're discouraged at how tiny the space seems. It'll only be a few months, you tell yourself, and you can't imagine how you'll be able to fit everything you own in that space. But don't be discouraged - with the right adjustments, it's not hard to live in a tiny space with sinks the length of your palm and floors older than your grandparents!

Start by tackling the biggest problem: storage. There might be only one or two shelves in the whole apartment, so stack as many things as you can. Skip the shelves for aesthetic succulents and use them to its full purpose. If there's no space for a nightstand, use your suitcase as a replacement. Inside the suitcase, you can put clothes for another season that you won't wear because realistically, you'll never wear that puffer jacket in LA with the exception of those few cold days of the year.

If your floors are looking nasty and splintery, consider investing in a cheap rug. If you'll be living there for a long time, throw that rug on there for a homey look. A rug can instantly increase the usable space in your apartment, because you can now lie on the ground and maybe even host a few friends! If the accommodation is temporary, then just wear indoor shoes when walking around the apartment to avoid any unfortunate mishaps with the floor.

Those walls looking dark and bare? Tape on some pictures of your friends, family, or other things that remind you of home and happy times. It could be a family photo, but it could also just be a printed blurry Snapchat of a fluffy Samoyed. Whatever floats your boat - go for it. You live here anyways.

If you're struggling with a tiny sink in the bathroom, you can do usual bathroom sink activities in the kitchen sink. Kitchen sinks are usually much bigger, and you won't have to worry about splashing out water when you're just trying to brush your teeth and wash your face. Saves you the cleanup time and annoyance.

Honestly, living in a small space has its perks. It takes less than 5 seconds to get from one end of the room to the other, so you'll never have to worry even if you leave your towel on the bed after you shower. You can cook while doing homework, since your desk will most likely be right next to the kitchen, and everything is just a few steps away. It's cozy and comfortable and makes you feel safer at night, since you can scan your whole living space just by sitting on your bed. So enjoy the experience! You'll learn to love it.

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