1. Learn how to make yourself mocha syrup for your coffee. It will be the best thing ever during shark week.
  2. Get yourself a plant and watch it grow.
  3. Never buy cute clothes unless they’re reasonably comfortable.
  4. Wear a dress and heals and bike to work. Probably wear spandex too.
  5. Read a wonderful book.
  6. Keep a journal of appointments, books to read, and aspirations.
  7. Be comfortable with and proud of your naked body.
  8. Sing, even if you’re bad at it.
  9. Force yourself to do something once a week for yourself.
  10. Put effort into your health. Brownies are not a great dinner choice, neither is celery.
  11. Call someone you love.
  12. If you want to do something that’s weird, do it.
  13. Allow yourself to be sad.
  14. Buy tissues instead of using toilet paper.
  15. Ask someone to play with your hair, and do it for them too.
  16. Lift weights, even small little 5 lb. weights.
  17. Give a homeless person a meal and have a conversation with them when you do it.
  18. Ask someone what their dream is.
  19. Don’t procrastinate.
  20. Take a multivitamin.
  21. Find a small business you love.
  22. Take a bath. Note: Candles, wine, a book, and bath salts/bomb are necessary.
  23. Make your space cozy. This could be anything from painting to printing out cute quotes.
  24. Read before you go to bed.
  25. Hug someone.
  26. If you’re having a bad day, listen to a comedian on Spotify.
  27. Tell yourself you’re beautiful. Everyday.
  28. Tell someone else they are beautiful.
  29. Give a random girl a compliment. It will make her day.
  30. Read a poem.
  31. Never think of yourself as gross, even if you haven’t showered or brushed your teeth.
  32. Remind yourself of your dreams.
  33. Keep dreaming.