Dear Little Brother
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Dear Little Brother

This one's for the little siblings entering the college world.

Dear Little Brother
Laura Taylor

If you have a younger sibling just entering college, you might get that overly protective feeling that you hated getting from your parents when they dropped you off your freshman year of college. I think there is something every older sibling wants to say to their younger sibling, so here goes.

Dear Freshman College Student,

Wow. Where has the time gone? Remember when I took all my stuffed animals and dumped them in your crib so I could establish alpha kid in the house? Yeah, that day when you were small enough so you couldn't do anything to get me back. Where did that day go?

You're over six foot tall, starter on the track team, engineer student, boyfriend to a lovely lady, and about to vote in your first presidential election. Welcome to what we call "adulthood." I've been here a year longer than you and I still can't believe you're joining me now. You're about to embark on the life journey and I hope I can help out with a few words of wisdom.

First and foremost, don't forget about Mom and Dad. Yeah, they gave me the benefit of the doubt most of the time because, well, oldest is favorite, but really. Make sure you talk to them every so often. They did help you get to where you are. Who made you go to practice when you would rather be watching the football game? Who made you study for your AP exam when you wanted to go to a pasta dinner with the team? And most importantly, who was in the stands cheering at the top of their lungs for you as you lead the heat around the track? Yep, you guessed it. Mom and Dad. They're still cheering for you and they want you to do well. Let them know how you're doing and yes, go home and see them every once in a while. Mom's cooking can't be beat! Don't forget that!

Second, you know this but take this seriously. This will be critical in shaping the next stages of your life and I know you want a successful career. Ask questions when you have to, stay late in the library when you have to, and manage your time! You got this!

Third, have patience. Remember those times when you wanted to get back at me for beating you in Monopoly but didn't because you decided it wasn't worth it? Yeah, remember that thinking process. Stuff is going to get under your skin but how deep it goes depends on how much you let it. Count to ten and come back to the situation (or homework issue because those happen too!) with a fresh mind. No sense in getting worked up over the little things.

Fourth, you don't have to do everything your first year. Pace yourself. Don't over commit to things because that will be too stressful. You've got four years. Enjoy them!

Fifth, yes, you can have fun in college. Duh. But make sure you maintain a balance. School comes first. Then you can have fun.

Sixth, don't forget about that that annoying person who would take twenty minute showers and always want to play house with you. That person is kinda important. How else would you know how to treat your girlfriend? Who else would keep your life entertaining? That's right. That older sibling you have. I bet she cares about your success as much as you do and she's on your side. She's here to answer questions, get advice, and come watch you run laps around a track after her soccer games. Don't forget about her!

Well, there you have it. I hope this helps you get through your first year. You're killin the game already so keep at it. Welcome aboard. We're equal now.

Love ya, little one.


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