A Little Love To Start 2017

2016. What a year, huh? It was actually kind of terrible, for a multitude of reasons. It was so terrible, in fact, that many people believe it’s sort of a finale to Satan’s 100 year reign—no, seriously. Look it up!

With this past year in mind, how can we have any hope going forward to the next? The world will continue its path of destruction. How can we help that? How can anyone be that hopeful? How can I be that hopeful? The answer, my dear friend, is you.

Yes, you. The person currently reading this. Every single one of you. And if you’re asking how, you are infinitely underestimating yourselves. Every human being is capable of spreading goodness and hope. You just have to be the goodness you want to see in the world. But there’s one important factor you may miss when you feel overwhelmed by that task. What is that, you may ask? That answer is also you.

So many of us are givers, desperate to spread love and offer ourselves up without realizing that we don’t know who we are or how to love ourselves. While this is amazing, it’s not healthy or helpful. It’s okay to focus on yourself first sometimes. Every aspect of your life needs it—physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, you name it.

Just imagine trying to be a coach without ever having learned the sport. You want your pupils to succeed, but you can’t truly give them instruction without having some proper knowledge of the sport, and more than just from a textbook. Imagine offering to pray for someone without ever talking with God one-on-one yourself. How would you even start that conversation?

It’s the same with your day-to-day life. If you want the world to be kind, work on that kindness in yourself. But if you have struggles, deal with those first. And deal with them the way you feel is best and healthiest. If you need therapy or medication that would help you feel more yourself, don’t let anyone stop you. If you feel that you need to be alone to get your thoughts together, do that. If you just really need to cry, let those tears fall! Allowing yourself to feel emotions and to become the best version of yourself you can offer, who can tell you any differently? The world needs you, because you are the only one who knows how to be you. I love that uniqueness. Be the best you, and then show yourself to the world. If something moves you, inspires you, or makes you happy, let it. Share that joy with the world.

And I know many who believe that it may not be worth it. Spreading hope, or learning your passions, or even living. I may not know what your life has going on, but I can tell you that every moment of your life will be worth it, so long as you keep living. It’ll be hard, especially with all that has happened. But I know that when you become the you that you have always wanted, the world will feel that immense joy. It will get better, starting with yourself.

Filling the world with the best versions of ourselves and the joys we contain can only spark positivity and love in the world. Spark that hope that you desperately crave. Inspire others with your light from within. And if you need help every once in a while, well, don’t be afraid to ask. Be open and vulnerable with other people. It deepens our connection as a community. And isn’t that the best way 2017 could go?

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