Going shopping for little girls is not what it used to be. The other day I was out looking for pre-teen clothes for my daughter. She is like me, not a super skinny girl but not overweight. Our shopping trip left both of us frustrated and wishing for more options. It wasn't the first time we went to a store and didn't find what we were looking for.

Store after store, looking for a regular pair of jeans left us empty handed. The only jeans in the stores were jeggings or skinny jeans. Let's start with the skinny jeans. First of all, a little girl doesn't need skinny jeans. Women can wear skinny jeans because they want to show off their body. Small children do not need to show off their body. They are children. The only thing about their body that should worry anyone is that it is safe and healthy. Skinny jeans are tight and constricting and don't allow little girls to run and play.

Jeggings, they are really nothing more than leggings. They may be a tiny bit thicker, but they are the same thing. Jeggings have the same problem when it comes to skinny jeans. They may be a little more comfortable, but they cling to every curve. Little girls don't have curves that need to be shown. It then takes long t-shirts to hide what shouldn't be seen anyway.

Instead of having a fun experience trying on clothes, I was left with a pre-teen who was upset and frustrated. She knew that she didn't fit the clothes in the store. Her short legs are too small for women's sizes. Her hips too large for girls' clothes. Trying to find the right outfit should not lead to a blow of her self-esteem.

My daughter is not the only one. There are millions of little girls out there who just want to be little girls. They want to be able to play like everyone else. They want to be able to wear clothes that don't prevent them from climbing a tree. They want to be little girls that can wear pink and play in the dirt. They don't want to shop in the boy's section. They don't want to go the women's sizes and roll up their pants.

Clothes manufacturers, I appreciate that you are trying to make cute clothes for little girls. My clothes options were never as cute. Having cute and pretty clothes is appreciated. They also need to be functional. It's like the dress with pockets. It is one of the most functional things that women want, yet no one seems to make them. Next time you decide what clothes you want to design, take a look at a real girl. One who plays, runs, and loves life. Each little girl should feel comfortable in their clothes. Shopping should not be about how skinny the jeans are.