Dear Little Brother,

I remember when you were shorter than me. Y

ou now stand confident and proud over six feet, and I can not believe that you are a senior in high school, still love punk music, and drive your own car. I have to be honest and tell you that I don't remember exactly what our first concert was together, but I know that we have been to many over the years, and I am so happy to have found a concert buddy, confidant, and best friend in you.

I know that times like these can be scary, even though nothing scares you. Do you remember my senior year of high school over the holiday break where I was just finishing filling out my college application on New Years' at midnight, and that's the university I attend now? I'm sure you do, mom and I still laugh about it a lot. As happy as I am with where I ended up, don't do what I did. You're smarter than I was at the time; you have already hit the goal of straight A's, you're on the way to graduating in your IB (International Baccalaureate) program, and I am sure that you will get into the best universities in Florida. I can't wait to come visit you, and drag you to your football games to see all the cute fraternity boys!

Although I am thankful that my drive home to you from college is only thirty minutes away, there are still times where I miss living with you- like when I need to vent to someone who I know doesn't know anyone that I am talking about, pretends not to be listening, but is actually listening anyways. Thank you. I miss picking you up from the bus stop every day during my senior year of high school and your freshman year, and the smoothie places we would stop at on the way home. And even though it gets on my nerves, I even miss your snide comments and sarcastic advice.

As you are starting to do your college applications, take this one piece of advice from me: do what feels right to you. I know you'd roll your eyes if you could hear this out loud from me, but don't be afraid to show these universities the person that I have gotten to know, love, and watch flourish. Show them you're witty (not TOO witty though), show them you're perceptive and intelligent. It's what makes you YOU. And when you pick the place that feels right for you, I will be heart broken when it is longer than a thirty minute drive, but just know, wherever you wind up, you'll always be my best friend.

Thank you for everything you have taught me and helped me become to be. I look forward to hundreds more Vans Warped Tour summers and mosh pits with you.


Your Favorite Older Sister.