If you find it perfectly comfortable to purposely throw trash on the ground and walk away with no fucks given, you are a psychopath.

Maybe not full-on Norman Bates psychopath, but you definitely suck. Why hurt the earth, the one place humanity can live on, like that? Do you hate life and all it has to offer? Are you trying to be the reason for a cute, innocent animal to have a six-pack wrapper around its neck? Personally, I am not an extremely aggressive person, but if someone deliberately throws their trash on the ground, I'm going to go John Cena on their ass (I'm talking to all the Spring-Breakers out there that annually trash our beautiful beaches). I am also not an extremely green person, (and if you are, that is amazing and humanity and future generations thank you) but I do try my best to do the little, decent things to keep my footprint as little as possible.

So, please, do the decent thing and throw away your MF coke cans, gum wrappers or whatever your choice of trash is. The Earth will thank you for it. And if for some reason you still feel compelled to trash our beautiful home, here's a list of annoying people that will forever be a million times better than you:

1. People who tailgate you in the slow lane even though they could easily get around you

Just let me drive like a grandmother in peace, damn.

2. People who clap at the end of movies

3. People who try to trump your stories with their own stories

4. Lil Tay

5. People who don't cover their mouth when they sneeze or cough

6. People who spoil movies or shows for you

7. People who drive slow in the fast lane

8. People who pride themselves on being "deep"

Okay, we get it, you're in-touch with your feelings, welcome to the club

9. People who only talk about their study abroad trip

10. Interrupters

11. People who claim they "found" that song

Just because someone hears a song first, doesn't mean they have the right to annoyingly remind everyone every time the song plays.

12. People who don't know how to walk in crowds

13. People who push through crowds at a concert so they can be in the front

14. People who exhale loudly after every sip of a drink

15. Loud eaters