Listen Up!

Listen to the wind blow in the evening, and listen for the gentle whispers heard through the breeze. Sit outside at night and take a look at the starlit sky, while saying thank you for creating such an image to see. Watch the sunrise early in the morning and listen to the sounds of the birds chirping in the trees. Listen up for the coach to call a timeout at the game and end it in a prayer that will keep the players in the field while giving God the glory.

From dusk to dawn help me to hear your voice through the words that you speak and write it on my heart so that I may hear and know that you are there with me. Open my ears to the sounds of nature so that I can be that listening ear. Listen up and hear the Word of God straight from His word to every day activities. Listen to the rain falling on the roof and hear the gentleness that only God provides; and understand that through the Word of God his voice is clear and steady for us to follow. Open my ears so that I may hear the good news that is so ever true. Listen up so that you may hear that God will help you through, and listen to his words as you write them on your heart; so that you can let others see the example he set for you and me. Listen up and work together to encourage one another. Watch the water make the waves and just listen to the sounds of the tide. Listen for that little child who may be looking for their momma and reassure them it is okay, and hear the silent cries of many who are afraid of asking for help but need it most. Open my ears and let me hear all of that together and help me to listen to you! Listen up and help me to hear your voice, Let me hear the gentle whispers in the breeze, and in the evening skies all day through. Please help me to listen up! Amen.

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