KOD... KOD... KOD...

Kids on Drugs, King OverDosed, and Kill Our Demons

I have to say that I love this album.

I feel like this album was something that the generation needed. I wish everyone could just listen to the lyrics and the lessons that J. Cole presented on this album. I felt like the album was amazing because it showed how we can heal ourselves without doing drugs. Now let me go into a couple of the songs for you.

"The Intro"

I feel like the first song was an indication of what the album was going to talk about and it also brought up the main phrase that would be said throughout the album in different songs and it also talks about pain and making wise decisions on how to manage and deal with your pain.


I feel like this song talked about the things that people do when they get on drugs and it also goes into the life of a person that deals drugs. This song also goes into the ways in which a person's perspective or attitude on life changes and they just don't care when they are taking drugs. Lastly, the song lists different types of drugs that affect us as humans and one of them was love.


This song talks about how people now a day are falling in love through social media. The song just goes into the feelings that people develop when falling in love with someone they met online and the things that may happen in the process. I love this song because I feel like it speaks volumes on the love story people have to tell now and how it's not how it used to be when you met/fall in love with someone from your neighborhood or that you met at work or something of that nature. Its all about social media now.

"The Cut Off"

I believe that this song was talking about how people use you and how you do something for them and they only pop up when they need you and how you have to cut people off because you realize how giving you are and how they are using you. The con with this is you do drugs and alcohol to try to cope with the pain of losing people and being used.


Now this song, this song here. It talks about the biggest thing in the world. That is money. It talks about the things that people do with money and how we think that money will solve all of our problems and how it's so hard to live without money. I truly enjoyed this song.


This song talks about what motivates a person to do drugs and to continue to get money in this industry and how exactly do they cope with just pushing through to make the money.

"Kevin's Heart"

I think this song like other songs has two meanings. But for this song, it is a little bit more obvious that there are double meanings to this song. I think the first meaning is an obvious meaning of how a man was cheating and how he tries to cope with cheating on the person that he is supposed to have loved. The second meaning is this guy is cheating on success and he says he loves success but the things he is participating and doing is causing harm to his success.

* * *

Now I'm going to stop with my interpretation of the songs and I'm going to say if you haven't listened to the album, go listen to it and see what interpretation you get from it. If you have listened to the album go back and see if you hear the interpretations I came up with for the songs I did interpret.

Let me know what you think of the album. Let me know what you got from the songs on the album.