Okay, this is going to sound really weird… and I might be alone in this… but do you ever just get this overwhelming urge to write a list? There’s nothing specific you really want to make a list about, but the overpowering need to write one wins over and you end up just numbering a page and drawing a blank?


I get list crazy often and I don’t know what the deal is with that, but that’s a whole separate issue. For now, my main and most important goal is to start coming up with ideas that later I can make lists about. (you know, if the mood strikes) It sounds a little crazy and since this is an article online I won’t actually be able to know if you feel similar to how I do, but I’m just going to power through and pretend like I am 100% confident this is normal.

So here is a list of things you could make lists about: the holy grail.

  1. A to-do list (classic list procedure is to start with this one)
  2. Types of fruit
  3. Reasons running is terrible
  4. Animals that scare you
  5. Things you’ve tripped on
  6. Colors you do not like
  7. Colors you do like
  8. Words that rhyme with cow
  9. Movies about penguins
  10. Dog names
  11. Things your mom texts you regularly
  12. Places you’ve fallen more than once
  13. Ways you’ve broken your glasses
  14. Types of dishes you’ve broken at work
  15. Everybody you accidentally called “dad”
  16. Types of food that taste better stale
  17. Reasons cupcakes are better than cake
  18. Reasons cheesecake is better than cupcakes
  19. Reasons cheesecake does not count as cake
  20. Reasons you are afraid you might have diabetes
  21. Buildings you’ve gotten lost walking to
  22. Words you always misspell
  23. Animals that do not have fur
  24. Things you can sit on
  25. Things you can lean on
  26. Things that are too heavy to lift
  27. Animals that became extinct (I’ll always miss you, dodo birds)
  28. Every animal that has ever bit you
  29. Baby names
  30. Types of hats that look ugly on you
  31. Stores you spend too much money at
  32. Different things you can drink out of
  33. Reasons you might have an obsession with lists
  34. More things you could make lists out of

Alright, so I guess this is a start. To say that this is enough would be wrong because I just love lists too much. I hope you love them too. Sorry if you already wrote some of these lists, hopefully there’s something listed that you haven’t written yet.

Pun intended but not obvious or even a pun. (the listed thing, I was hoping it would seem like a pun but upon further review I’m realizing it might not be because it is related to a list, so listed would be the appropriate word.)

35. Times you didn’t understand what a pun was