It's Time To Take A Step Back From Our Screens And Focus On What Really Matters
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It's Time To Take A Step Back From Our Screens And Focus On What Really Matters

We need to appreciate things that are of actual value in our lives.

It's Time To Take A Step Back From Our Screens And Focus On What Really Matters
Bethany-Grace Bowers

The new Snapchat update, we hate it. We all do. It goes without being said that it is probably the most annoying thing to happen in a while when it comes to social media. If your phone didn't update automatically, then you're one lucky person. For those of us that are dumb and let our phones do their own thing, why are we so stupid? Yeah, I'm being a little dramatic but it's really annoying. But you know what else is really annoying?

How much we let our phones and the virtual world control us and our minds. It is absolutely insane that a software update to an app on our phones can affect us more than a recent headline about 17 children and young people being killed in a school shooting. We are too consumed.

It's crazy that in a crowd of people, we don't socialize anymore, we have our faces buried in our phones to avoid talking to those around us.

Sometimes I wonder what it would have been like to live in the days that are depicted in black and white television. "Leave It to Beaver" and "Andy Griffith" just showed us such simpler times. And if you haven't seen these shows you really are missing out and you didn't grow up right haha. But really, they depicted a time when family was the most important, quality time with the people you loved was so special and a face to face conversation was 100% more common than texting someone.

People spent afternoons on their front porches and when people walked by conversations went on for hours on end. When you wanted to visit someone you rang their doorbell, they didn't get a ding on their phone. Communication took more effort and time, but you knew who truly cared and there were not as many mixed signals.

Now don't get me wrong, technology has provided us with so many opportunities, but I think we need to take a step back from the screen and look around. We just need to appreciate the things that we don't value as much anymore and our perspectives would change, maybe in just the slightest, but definitely for the better.

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