Life Is Full Of Tough Decisions And Someone’s Got To Make Them

Life Is Full Of Tough Decisions And Someone Has To Make Them

You can't control someone else, but you can control your reactions.


Life is hard. There's no question. Things often get thrown at us and we don't know what to do and the right answer isn't clear. Sometimes there is no right answer. There is no definitive path you should choose. Life doesn't spell out the directions; there are no line-by-line instructions on how to handle things. But you have to deal with it—time does not stop.

I am an indecisive person. I know this. Good luck if you try to ask me where we should go to dinner because chances are I won't give you an answer. Want to know what movie we should watch? That's a funny joke. I struggle with giving an answer sometimes. But it's not because I don't actually care, because most of the time I do kind of have an idea in mind of what I want. It's because I care too much about what the other person wants. I strive in life to please the ones I care about; to make them happy. Sometimes it does stink. It makes me seem weak or unable to make a decision. But I think it makes me strong because it makes me kind and understanding.

Now, let's get real. When life gives you hard decisions, there's no time to be indecisive. That's a lesson you'll learn the hard way. There's no time for trying to be accommodating. You have to do what's right sometimes, and that is not always the easy thing. Throughout my life, I have faced many hardships and many things that required tough decisions to be made, both by myself and the ones I care about. And the truth is, there isn't always a right answer.

It is impossible to please everyone and to make everyone happy with every single choice you make. And that's OK because whether we like it or not, that's life. We don't have an option, we just have to go with it.

The problem with this is that we don't acknowledge when people make those tough calls, we don't think about that internal conflict, about those struggles, about the tears and anxiety. We tend to focus on ourselves. And we all do this, so don't even deny that you do. We get so caught up in ourselves that we forget that person making that choice, going against what we want, is a person too. They feel, they cry, and they get mad. They experience all the things you do when things don't go as planned.

What we have to remember is that we don't always have to agree, and we won't. But what we do have to do is respect each other. In today's world, there's so much hatred; such an inability to look at the other side because we're so caught up in our own emotions and lives that we forget there is someone opposite us going through it too.

We need to be kind to each other. To forgive. To accept that things don't always go our way, that there's always someone who has to make those tough decisions we might not agree with. Because at the end of the day, you can't control what someone else does. You can only control your reaction. So don't make it a bad one.

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A Bumpy Road Will Produce More Within You Than A Steady Sail

You might not know where you are going or how you will get there but just know you will arrive safely in the hands of God.


When you look at the big picture you might ask yourself why can't I just be on the steady sail and straight road to what I want in life? Why do I always get put on the bumpy road with obstacles every now and then? During those times it can be hard because you might see others that seem to be going down a smooth sail, but in all reality, they have endured their hardships or will in the future. Our timing is all different, and specifically inspired and designed for us as individuals. In all reality it's simple. The Lord has created and shaped us personally for our own specific routes. They might not be ideal for you, might seem like a hell of a time — literally.

But at the end of it all, this truly sets you up for success for what things you want to achieve and things of the unknown. We truly have all of the ideas on what we want to happen, and how it'll happen ideally. But in all reality, we have to put the trust in the Lord that he will carry us to those destinations correctly. We might not realize how much knowledge, the strength we need for those circumstances until we gain them through the trials we endure. Which can be seen as allowing God has given the grace to work through you not against you.

So friends, keep your head up high, trust in the Lord and enjoy the ride because your final destination will be beautiful, and you'll never regret all of the growth you have gained from the road you have traveled.

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