B. Waldorf and B. Davis may be TV's most fabulous characters. These girls have everything a girl could want, and more. Even though they are really different, they both taught us a lot about how to succeed in life.

1. Have Confidence.

Confidence is key. It may have taken them some time to figure out who they truly were, but once they did, they were confident in themselves. Confidence is beautiful, which is what makes B and B true beauties.

2. Wear Great Clothes.

They have the best clothes. These two were style icons. Blair had her head bands and classic style, and Brooke with her modern and trendy looks. Both girls love clothes and fashion, and inspired the rest of us to look our best all the time.

3. Be Independent.

They are both fiercely independent. Even though they don’t do everything on their own, they could. They know what they want, and what they have to do to get it. They didn’t let the boys in their life determine their happiness or who they were.

4. Have Strength.

They are so strong. They never let anything life threw at them get in their way. Life wasn’t kind to either of them and they had to rise to the occasion. Whether it be growing up with absent parents, people betraying them, friends leaving them, failures or tragedies, they never gave up. They accomplished all they wanted to with grace, and their strength is to be admired.

5. Follow Your Heart.

Both had big dreams that they pursued. Blair and Brooke never stopped doing what they wanted. They were so passionate about what they loved in life, and they never let anything stop them. They followed their hearts even when it didn't make sense. Seeing them accomplish their goals inspired all of us to accomplish what we wanted in life.

6. Don't Settle.

Both girls had the opportunity to settle and never did. They didn't settle with boys, friends, careers, life goals -- nothing. They taught us all that what we want in life is worth waiting for and fighting for.

7. Be Yourself.

They taught us that we are perfect just the way we are. They grew and learned a lot, but they never changed who they truly were. Everyone loved these girls for being who they were. They showed us that our friends and family will love us despite our flaws and failures.

8. Know Your Worth.

They knew what they were worth and didn't let anyone treat them less than what they deserved. They made us all rethink the way we were letting people treat us.

9. Forgive.

They taught us to forgive. No matter what people had done to them, they found it in their hearts to forgive and move on. They didn’t live with bitterness and they didn't let it consume them. In the end, their friendships were more important than whatever was going on, which helped all of us see the good in people.

10. Love With Your Whole Heart.

They loved, everyone. They never gave up on the people they loved. They found new ways to love people. They showed kindness, compassion, and grace, and they made a lot of sacrifices for their friends. Because of their love, they brought people together.

11. Be A Good Friend.

They were always there for their friends. No matter what time it was, if they were busy, or if they had their own problems, they never let down their friends. They knew the value of being a good friend, and in the end, it helped them keep their friends around. They taught us all about loyalty.

It may have taken some time, but in the end they learned life was more than high school cheerleading and yogurt on the Met steps. And thankfully, their transformations inspired us all to be a better version of ourselves.