It has become impossible, in this modern age, to go a single day without hearing some terrible, tragic, or violent piece of news. Every day we are reminded of the downward spiral humanity is on, and sometimes it is difficult to appreciate the lives we have when we are constantly being fed negativity. Although there are countless things in life to bring us down, we cannot forget about the million little things that bring beauty to life.

These are the things that make us pause for a second and think, "Hey, maybe life isn't so bad."

These things are rainbows and sunflowers and ladybugs. These things are new blankets, warm showers, and laughing so hard you can't breathe. Every time that you see these things or feel these moments, life suddenly feels worth it. And life should be worth it because everything in your life was planned. Whether you believe it to be God or the universe or any higher being, every single moment of your life was supposed to happen, and that is why every minuscule detail is beautiful.

Try and think back to the last time you truly appreciated everything happening around you.

Do you ever go outside, feel a breeze on your skin, and everything feels right? Or do you think about how many inexplicably small coincidences had to occur for you to walk past someone wearing your favorite color? Think about all of the things in the universe that put both of you in that spot at the same time, just to cheer you up. It is so beautiful and crazy that all of us exist simultaneously with each other and with all of these things. The universe is so big, and every time that I look out my window and see the gorgeous sun, I am reminded of where we live, and everything is put into perspective. We are so utterly small in relation to the universe, yet we exist, and we have feelings, and we dance and sing and cry when we're happy.

All that we really want is to be happy, and although we resist, the world is trying to make us happy.

That is why there are cracks in the sidewalk, and that is why light bounces in the most beautiful ways and why your hair can never seem to stay out of your face and why love exists at all. Call it God, or the universe, or whatever higher being you choose, but no matter what it's all the same. There is beauty everywhere. And that is no exaggeration, my friend. Look around you. Look at the pattern on your bedspread or the books you've never read or the empty water bottle on your dresser. Everything is beautiful because everything was made with such precise detail down to the molecule. You're insane if you try to deny the beauty of the world because it is absolutely and utterly breathtaking.