What Will Life Be Like In 2070
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The Future Of Our World Looks Promising, But We Will Definitely Run Into Challenges

Oil and natural gas should last only about 40 – 60 years if production continues at the current rate.

High tech spaceships hovering over NYC

50 years? It seems like a long time, right? The world is growing to become more modern each and every day. So what will we see in 50 years? Will we be able to finally see flying cars? Will we have holograms available at our fingertips?

1. Technology will continue to grow

Every second technology is changing and evolving. People are constantly thinking of ways to improve the technology we have now. in 50 years, we are going to see what we never have seen before or imagined before. Cars, for example, will be more efficient and futuristic and possible flying as we seen on our favorite cartoon shows. Cars even now are already improving every day. Some proof is that hybrids, hydrogen fuel cell cars, and self-driven cars are being designed and tested today. Another promising example involves the topic of robotics.

Some say robots will take over most of the companies. Day after day, robots are replacing humans in the workforce because they are much cheaper, more effective, don't complain about pay or benefits, and moreover, do not require a paycheck. Most people predict the future robots will be able to think for themselves and perform tasks without being told. I am not sure if that would be a good or bad thing, because if they think for themselves they would want to be free and not to be told what to do. Maybe robots will take over if they have too much thinking power. These are just primary things most of us talk about. There is technology lot of us honest know about, yet it is remarkable how technology made our lives so easy. Technology is astonishing, as long as we can master it, rather than it mastering us.

2. Discovery of... aliens?

Every day scientists are discovering thousands of new species, going deeper into the oceans, and reaching stars that we once thought we could not. Just imagine what we would discover in 50 years. With greater technology and equipment, what would we find? Will they be scary or will they sparkle our eyes with their intelligent and beauty? Despite the fact that space is super mega massive, scientists are discovering planets that are similar to earth, possibly with life and mega planets and mega galaxies. If we could find life out there, we would be able to signal them to get in contact. If they are higher intelligence, our technology will just skyrocket. Anything else that could happen is beyond my thinking. I am very positive we are not the only life in space, with billions of galaxies.

3. A revolution in medicine

Medical technology will be greatly improved upon in the next 50 years. The future seems to have an answer even for those diseases that are now known as incurable. It is predicted that over the next 50 years, scientists will have found cures for diseases such as cancer and AIDS through the help of genetic engineering. Doctors and genetic engineers are working hard every day to improve and to find cures to these diseases. In 50 years time, doctors should be able to predict upcoming diseases and already find a cure for it. Greater technology will bring forth more accurate examinations which will save a lot more lives.

4. Goodbye natural resources

The scarcity of supplies and resources, and the dangers! As we grow in population and the current rate of exploitation of resources increases, we will run out of important things. The three natural resources most drained by seven billion people are water, oil, and natural gas. Oil and natural gas should last only about 40 – 60 years if production continues at the current rate. More people means more space, which means cutting down trees and less production of fresh oxygen. A lot of major problems will show up as we run ahead of time and we need to be prepared to save the planet and help humanity.

5. Government for the people

Most likely, the government will change to strongly stand for the people of America. I do believe that the U.S. will become more liberal in its decisions to allow Americans to live more freely. There will probably be a decline in conservative thinking and an increase in democratic and liberal thinking. Being one of the world leaders, America's liberal government will definitely affect other governments across the globe.

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