Life's In Between Stage

Life hits you the worst when you are entirely blind. I'm at that "what now," moment praying that some opportunity is granted to me. I'm not sitting and waiting because I put in work. But, I did lose hope for a little while and have been down. But, I realize that it is all a part of life. No one has it figured out. I feel like I am stuck in between. When you grow up, school gives you a regular routine with the same people every day. College changes a little. But, once your done you lose that routine and have to make your own. There will be points where jobs don't work out, where you are constantly looking for something else, and other irregularities you can't control.

Routine is nice. It's comfortable. But, comfortable does not always mean the best for you. Going out of your comfort zone and living every day a bit different is good for you. Even if you are a bit lost, it's basically necessary to hold onto the idea that it's okay to not have something right now and something figured out. That in between stage leaves room for yourself and some reflections.

Life isn't always A B C D... sometimes it's A F C Y. You know?

It might not go how you plan, but it might turn into something better. Something you could have never planned because you never knew about it in the first place.

So, as per usual in my writings, my advice to you is: stay positive and enjoy the process. Hint hint: this is always a note to myself if you haven't figured that out.

Don't stress about finding "it," but instead enjoy your day to day. Things appear when you take a break from looking for them.

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