“Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent."

-Victor Hugo

I adore music. It is deeply embedded in who I am and the work I produce. It fuels the flame of my creativity, it serves as my inspiration, my motivation and my therapy. Below are a few of my favorite Pandora stations:

1. Madeleine Peyroux Radio

Born in Brooklyn, raised in California, Madeleine moved with her mother to Paris at age 13. She grew up playing the Ukelele, and her voice was compared to Billie Holiday by a New York Times writer (and they were right!) Madeleine Peyroux's Pandora station will fill you with drama, intrigue, sexiness, sassiness and more. The station moves through jazz legends - male and female - and leaves you feeling tingly all over.

2. Ben Rector Radio & John Mayer Radio

When you're needing some romantic lyrics where everything works out just perfectly or, on the opposite end of that, when you're needing to hear that you're not alone, and that bad things certainly do happen to good people, this station has you covered. It'll pull Gavin DeGraw and Phillip Phillips; Andy Grammer and Matt Nathanson. Full instruments, good lyrics, it leaves your heart feeling healed.

3. Yoga Radio & Heart Meditations Radio

The best meditation music you can tap into. It's calming use of eclectic sounds, piano, harp, acoustic guitar will sooth a raging or distracted mind. It makes you breathe slower and deeper. It slows you down to notice everything around you. It's glorious. You'll also get nature sounds and I dare you to try to be angry listening to the waves crashing against the shore with birds chirping in the background.

4. Brazilian Soul (The Jazzy Joint Mix) Radio

Get ready to move those hips because this station will seduce you. Pour some red wine, turn this station on, and move. It's perfect for cleaning your house because the beat stays joyful and scandalous. This station will also introduce you to international artists you may have never been exposed to, and they're fabulous.

5. Frank Sinatra Radio

Because, Frank Sinatra. Enough said.

6. 90's Pop Radio

Every now and then you need Oasis, Blind Melon, Semisonic, Sublime, and Blink-182. And when your heart craves Counting Crows and Ace of Base, this is home. It feels good, and warm, and welcoming.

7. Hip Hop BBQ Radio

When you need some quality R & B and Hip Hop, this is the station for a perfect BBQ party or just, for life. You'll get R. Kelly, Blackstreet, Juvenile, Ol' Dirty Bastard, Usher and Cam'ron. You'll be dancing even if you swore you weren't going to dance at this particular BBQ party.

8. Film Scores Radio

When you need to feel EPIC, this is the station will be your motivation entourage that follows you around knocking out task after task. It pulls the film scores from all of the big-time Hollywood hits, and the next thing you know, you're achieving literally everything you've ever wanted to in life.

9. Alabama Shakes Radio

It's jazzy. It's a flash of country. It's catchy. It goes straight to your sweet honey soul and lingers. Everyone has a story and a challenge, and this station will take you through it all. It's resilience, it's audacity, it's bravery will pump you up.

10. Beyoncé Radio, Rhianna Radio, Sia Radio

I come to these stations when I need to live like Beyoncé or when I need to collect money or be over-the-top dramatic. These stations get me exactly where I need to be mentally to make big things happen, FAST. No negotiations.

Alright, and now my guilty pleasure stations...

1. Taylor Swift Radio

I mean, how can you not listen to this? I've tried. I've tried to ignore it, but I can't. I always come back to it. In fact, Pandora told me yesterday that I've listened to 717 songs on my Taylor Swift Radio station. Thanks, Pandora. Throw it in my face.

2. Disney Radio

Because these songs - every single one of them - is QUALITY. And I still know all of the lyrics.

3. I Took A Pill in Ibiza Radio

Let's just... move on.

4. Broadway Radio

I need to belt it out sometimes about love, war, loss, grief, witches. There's a lot of traffic where I live.

5. Yacht Rock Radio

I live by an ocean and I date a Captain, so I'm on the water a lot. This station gives us all of the right navigational vibes.

Go and enjoy! Dance, sing, cry, groove, get stoked! Because these stations have got you covered no matter what you need to feel or accomplish or experience.