8 Lessons You Will Learn Before You Turn 21
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8 Lessons You Will Learn Before You Turn 21

Live in the moment, before it becomes a memory.

8 Lessons You Will Learn Before You Turn 21

We all have so much to learn and are at diffrent points in our lives. Here are some life lessons I have learned before turning 21 years old.

1. You win some you lose some

Life works in mysterious ways, but keep faith that you are going in the right direction. What might seem like the end of the world now, will only keep you on the path you are intended to go on in life.

2. What will be will be

There is no need to constantly stress yourself out over every little thing. What will be, will be and there is nothing else you can really do. So relax

3. Live in the moment, before it becomes a memory

Living in the moment is hard for most of us in this generation. Then we look back on old memories and wish we could re-live them because we didn't take them in. So live in the now. Don't let these memories and moments in life pass you by. Slow down and enjoy the ride.

4. There will always be another party, put yourself first

There is a pressure that most of us college students have to live the college experience the "right way" which for most consists of constant partying and drinking. If you want to take some time away from the party lifestyle that is okay. Put yourself first, and do what makes you happy. You do not have to follow the stigma that is surrounding the party lifestyle. Grades are forever, you are better off focusing on school anyway. You will thank yourself later.

5. Living on your own is hard

We all dream of the day we can get out of our parent's houses and live on our own. Now we are getting a little taste of what freedom looks like, living off at college and let's face it, it's harder than we thought. Living on your own means paying bills, food shopping for yourself, keeping the house clean, just to name a few. What were we in such a rush to move away from home for? Bet you miss the homecooked meals now huh.

6. True friends are hard to come by

We all take pride in the friends we have had for years and thought they would be our friends forever. But college changes all that sometimes, and people drift apart and people change. It's sad but that's how life goes. When you find true friends who have your best interest at heart, hold on to them and never let them go. True friends are hard to come by, whether you met them when you were six, eighteen or twenty, never take them for granted.

7. Being single is worth it, wait until you find the right person

Throwing yourself into a relationship with someone you don't see a future with or don't really care for all that much, just so you aren't alone is a waste of your time. Take the time to be single and get to know yourself and what you want and need from a person. When the right person comes along, you will know and you will be glad you didn't waste your time on relationships you didn't put your all into.

8. Your parents are your number one supporters, never take them for granted

We all look back on the time where we were bratty teens and wonder "what was I thinking." Now that I am 21 years old I can now appreciate fully what my parents have done for me. All the times they told me no, and didn't let me do certain things while I was in high school and middle school was for my own good. Sorry mom and dad, I understand now.

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