Life As A Second Semester College Senior
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Student Life

Life As A Second Semester College Senior

A balance of partying and cover letters.

Life As A Second Semester College Senior
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Second semester can either be really fun, or really stressful. A time for endless parties, but also endless tears, caused by having to apply to jobs, and to start doing adult things all on your own.

1. You find yourself wanting to do everything, but know that deep down you're still too lazy to really care.

On the one hand you're like:

But on the other:


2. Graduation was once a wonderful beacon of hope you used to dream about. Now, it's essentially been marked as Doomsday.

Just the thought of it makes you want to cover your ears, duck for cover, and curl up in a ball.

3. You laugh at all the freshmen who try really hard at everything.

Look at all those freshmen running around doing everything and looking nice. Ahh, so young. So naive.

4. Trying to write a good cover letter and resume is more stressful than writing an academic paper.

5. Senioritis has hit an all time high.

6.You know at least 8 people that are engaged.

Which makes you think how you don't have your life together.

7. Hearing about how everyone else is getting job interviews and offers is making you more stressed out/ angry/ emotional.

"Oh you just interviewed with J.P. Morgan? That's so great!" *sheds one lonely tear*

8. You're really tired of being asked what your plans are after graduation.

"Well Karen, like I said back at Christmas, I have no idea, so quit asking me."

9.You may enjoy the perks of being a senior, but you're really jealous of freshmen because they've still got time to live.

10. You' start to buy more business casual outfits.

Unfortunately, it comes with a high price.

11. Hookups < Dating.

You'd much rather find a special someone than just fool around and hate yourself for it later.

12. You used to joke about having no money, but now having no money is a real crisis.

13. You're scared but excited at the same time.

You're at least a little excited to see what the future holds for you.

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