I have officially been alive for 2 decades now, insane in all honesty because four-year-old me thought the age of 20 was equivalent to 100. Four years old me is forever shook. I'm still young but my aching back from this dorm bed tells me I'm in my 70s.

I would say my 20 years of being on this earth have been fun and full of surprises. I'm living and learning, and I am here to depart some of the wisdom upon all you wonderful beings.

1. Be selfish - learn to love yourself. 

Sometimes we are so worried about putting others before ourselves, that we forget about what we want for ourselves. Take a breather and figure things out for yourself. It's okay to put yourself first, we all need to at times. It's important to love ourselves too, not just others.

​2. Some people are not worth it​

Whether it was once an important person in your life or someone who still plays games going back and forth are just not worth it. Wasting your energy on them will do no good.

3. Handle situations face-to-face

Whether the problem is small or big, be upfront and truthful as soon as possible and do it to the person's face. Over the phone will never do a situation justice, don't be that person who can not handle a problem face to face. It's so easy to hide behind a screen and for things to end up confusing.

I always handle things face to face, no matter the problem or situation. I don't have time to play games behind a screen, build up the courage and talk things out like an adult.

4. Be a free spirit 

have a free spirit sort of attitude and it keeps things lively in all honesty. I'm always down to try something new or even just laze around. The more free spirit you find yourself, the happier you become with things around you in your life. And we all want a happy life.

5. Fear is temporary 

Like Nike says, "Just Do It."

6. Sing your heart out and dance it out 

Belt those lyrics at the top of your lungs, who cares. If it makes you happy jam out like no tomorrow.

Also, like Meredith Grey and Cristina Yang on "Greys Anatomy" once did, just dance it out. Let loose, go crazy, sing into that broom while cleaning. Dancing like no one is watching is one of the simple pleasures in life, so own the dance (kitchen) floor while jamming out to your music.

7. Real friends don't leave your side when the going gets tough 

This goes both ways when the going gets tough for you tell your friends what's going on and vice versa. Yes, situations will change people in certain aspects of their life, that doesn't mean they are a completely different person. The best kind of friends are the ones who are always by your side.

Like Cristina Yang and Meredith Grey's friendship, Joey Tribbani and Chandler Bing's or Barack Obama and Joe Biden's friendship, those are the type of friendships to be grateful for.

8. Communication is key 

Sort of building off of eight, communicating with friends, family, or whoever is such a major key for successful relationships, no matter what kind it may be. I have seen firsthand and even experienced it what happens when people can not effectively communicate.

If you want to keep a situation on the down low, keep it as vague and simple as possible and your friends should understand that at the moment, it's something you are not keen on elaborating on.

9. Keep an open mind 

This speaks for itself - the more open-minded you are the more likely you are to learn and grow.

I could go on forever about everything I've learned and continue to learn, but I am so grateful for the experiences, good and bad, that have shaped me into the person I am today. Embrace who you are and own it like you're walking down the runaway.