13 Straight-Up Lies You Told In High School

13 Straight-Up Lies You Told In High School

A trip down memory lane for all the lies you told and gimmicks you used to get through high school but can't get away with in college.

Especially if you're a freshman in college, you're probably missing the old comfort of high school, and you have begun to realize that all the tricks you used to get through high school suddenly don't work in college anymore. Making friends, eating lunch, skipping class—everything goes by a different rule book now.

For the homesick college students, here are some lies we were all guilty of telling in high school.

1. I didn't study for the test at all.

Let's be honest, you studied really hard for the test, but you tell your friends this lie in case you end up doing really poorly on the test.

2. I'm not going to take a nap today.

But when you got home, you napped for 4 hours. Napping habits in college started early, except in college you take maybe five 40 minute naps every day.

3. May I use the restroom?

You actually used the bathroom maybe 65% of the time. The other times you wanted to meet up with your friend in the hall or you just wanted a breather from the classroom. But for the classes where bathroom passes were extra credit, you held it in like your life depended on it.

4. I never use SparkNotes.

I use CliffNotes.

But you miss those good times where you could not do your reading and still get an A... Now you can do all your reading and get a D.

5. I do my homework at home.

No, you did all your homework the class period before and probably made up half the answers hoping the teacher won't grade closely. College is a whole different story though.

6. My essay is so bad. I finessed it last minute... took about 30 minutes.

You say, as you are still handing your paper to your friends to read. No one writes a 7 page paper that quickly. It's just in case their paper is a lot better than yours, you know?

In college, if you say your essay is bad, no peer is seeing it and you're thinking of ways to apologize to your professor.

7. I only took the SAT/ACT like twice.

Either that or you lied to your friends about your score. Standardized tests were everyone's worst enemy. Good news is no one cares in college (sorry if you got a perfect score).

8. Senior year is easy.

That was what you heard from upperclassmen, and that's what you told the underclassmen. But in reality, juggling college apps, tough classes, and social life was not easy. Who else kept putting off senior pictures with your friends?

9. I was sick yesterday, that's why I was absent.

Back when a phone call from Mom was a sufficient excuse, you probably reached the maximum amount of absences allowed. Now you would need a real diagnosis to skip class. (Sorry to my high school teachers...)

10. I hate *insert teacher name*.

But you didn't really hate them. You just said so because all your friends were saying that. Then everyone upgraded to RateMyProfessors.com.

11. I won't need these notes in college *fills recycling bin to the brim*.

Surprise! Now you kinda hate yourself, especially in all those required General Education classes.

12. Waking up for classes will be easy in college. We wake up even earlier in high school.

You probably jinxed yourself there.

13. I will never miss high school.

After trashing your school with senior pranks, being angry at it for all the pain it brought you for 4 years, you thought you would never want to look back. But after it's all over, you will miss that old comfort: all your friends that have been around forever, the small building and familiar hallways, and the teachers you learned more than just the academics from.

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Cover Image Credit: Flickr

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7 Spooky Things That You Had To Endure This Halloween

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