Honestly, if these were on Santa's Naughty list, I probably would be too. It's so easy to fall into the lies of society and cling to them as truths. Take this season as a time of reflection to rid your naughty habits, and stay on Santa's nice list.

1. We should find fulfillment in comparing ourselves to others on social media 

If you have a social media account... Buddy says it best... you sit on a throne of lies. But for real, it's important to remember social media is just a roll of highlight reals. Don't let social media ruin the present moment or the image you have of yourself. Be intentional to how you use it.


2. If you made more money (and got more gifts), you would be happier.

Sure making a living is important, but money and things are trivial and fleeting. The time you spend with others will make a lasting impact on your life and others . It's always to remember what's important in the Christmas Season, but also all seasons of Life.


3. Life is a list of check lists and to do lists 


There will always be more things to do and check of the list. Control the check list and don't let the check list control you. Remember the importance of spending time with others.

4. Presents > presence 


Don't get caught up with the things you are giving other people, remember that your love, presence, and support are the greatest gift you can give someone.

5. You are not good enough to be on the nice list


YOU ARE ALWAYS GOOD ENOUGH!!! We as humans were made (very) good, and generally have good intention. We weren't meant to be perfect. Don't doubt yourself or think you have to live up to certain expectations. Besides... the elf on the shelf told me you are on the nice list :)