Long Island In The Summer, A Timeless Combination

Long Island In The Summer, A Timeless Combination

It will change you forever.

Any LI native can tell you that without a doubt, living on an island will provide you with some of the best childhood memories around. From the mom and pop diners that provide you your favorite late night eats and early morning treats to the never ending seaside parkways, LI holds a special place in every natives heart.

I, of course, am a little biased but let me provide you outsiders with some proof as to why Long Island summers will change your life...


No this is not just a funny spin on Drake's hit song. The sunsets and oceanfront views are like no other and available in any 15-20 minute direction from inland. All colors of the rainbow blend together and shine from every point of the island that can brighten anyone's day, especially after enjoying a long day at the beach or walking out of a long day at work to your favorite view. And NOTHING is better than rolling all the windows down on a warm night with music blasting and your favorite people to watch this view on the long stretch of ocean parkway.

2. Food

Diners, diners, diners, and hidden gems in between. Enough said. These traditional and best kept secret spots of LI will more than sufficiently satisfy your taste buds. Diner By The Sea, All American Hamburger, Thomas' Diner, Witches Brew, Burgerology, just to shout out a few. No matter the name, they will all provide you with some of the best grub you've ever had.

3. Big Island, Small World

It is almost guaranteed that Becky's mom went to high school with your dad and her cousin dated your mom's best friend and their uncle was married to Theresa's great aunt and you will be caught discussing your family tree in the middle of Whole Foods when you run into a familiar face, because no matter how far from your hometown you travel, you are bound to bump into someone you know in any public place. Before you know it, a trip to get groceries turns into a public party.

4. Location, Location, Location

There is no more convenient place to live than the island. Want to go shopping? There's a mall most likely within 15 minutes from you wherever you are. Wanna go to the beach? Head 20 minutes in one direction and you'll find one. Want to go for a hike? Head down the road to the nearest state park, and don't forget to take an Insta pic to document it.

5. Tradition

To every LI native, nothing is more sentimental and exciting than summer traditions. Nikon concerts where you tailgate from noon to 1 am with your childhood besties and rock like a wagon wheel as the sunset passes behind the theater. Belmont Stakes where we can all pretend to be fortune 500 company owners and waste away our paychecks on bets and overpriced beer. And you can't forget the one we've been attending since toddlers, the Jones Beach air show where you used to watch what seemed to be ginormous metal monsters fly over you and shake the beach in early summer.

Whether you've lived here your entire life or just occasionally come to visit from time to time, it is almost guaranteed there is something you'll find to love about the place so many of us call home. Hop in your convertibles or family minivans and make the trip, I promise it's worth it.

Cover Image Credit: CSP Daily News

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You May Have Worn The Prom Dress With Him, But I Get To Wear The Wedding Dress

You had him in high school, but I get him for the rest of my life.

High school seems like the best time of your life when you are in it. You think that all of your friends will be with you until the end, and that you will end up with whoever you are dating your senior year. For very few, that might just be the case. For all others, that is far from true.

You thought that you would marry your boyfriend and you thought that everything would work out how you had always imagined. I don't blame you though. He's great. You wanted everything with him, but you were just not right for him.

I wish I could say that I am sorry it didn't work out for you, but I can't. I can't because he is mine now, and I get to cherish him forever. You didn't do that right, and you were not meant to be together. You will find someone too, but I am happy that you were not the one for him.

Sometimes I have issues with jealousy, and I hate that you got all of the high school stuff with him. You got to go to games and support him. It kills me that I couldn't be there for him because I know I would have actually been there wholeheartedly. I would have done it out of love, not as a popularity appearance.

I hate that you got to go to all of the school dances with him. He got to see you all dressed up and probably told you how great you looked. I'm sure you did look great. Prom dresses were always fun to pick out and so colorful. It was exciting to match colors with your date. I am sure you had fun choosing his matching tux to your dress.

I find myself getting jealous, but then I stop. I am getting to match his tux with our wedding colors. I got to go dress shopping in a sea of white, and he doesn't get to know one detail about that dress yet. He will get to see me walk down the aisle and then every day forever. I get to love him forever.

I try to not get jealous of all of the things you got with him because it is all in the past. You had your time, and now I get the wedding. You got to dress up in high school, but I get to dress up for my wedding with him. He may have put a corsage on your wrist, but he will be putting the wedding ring on my finger.

Cover Image Credit: Jessy Scott

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Even When You Don't Have It In You

For the struggling college student at the start of a new semester.


The above picture represents a stage in my life that I thought I would never get through. I had just finished final exams and was terrified of the outcome of my last semester as a Junior. I had experienced so many mental breakdowns and anxiety attacks from a series of events and low places that I found myself in throughout the semester, so much that my mom had to stay with me during final exams. I needed encouragement, and I needed it bad.

Kind of like right now, and I'm sure that some of you might find yourself in the same place.

While the start of a new semester looks shiny and promising, there is always that point when reality begins to settle in, and you realize that responsibilities are resurfacing just as fast as they left at the onset of Christmas break.

You show up to the first day of classes, all of your professors throw a syllabus at you, as well as your final exam date, and you begin to feel your forehead break out in sweat. We've all been there, and that is precisely the place that I found myself at while sitting in my first ever 8 AM of my college career.

Not only do we attend classes, but nightly meetings as well, all while attempting to retain a social life and keep up with our mental health.

It's A LOT. I know it. I've been there.

There have been days when I wanted to simply throw in the towel, and quit school altogether.

I have been at the point when I couldn't find even a sliver of motivation to get me through the meetings, the extra credit seminars, work, or even to church.

The feeling of defeat is nothing new to me, but what I have learned is something that will forever be a constant even though my motivation level is not always.

The Lord doesn't love you because you do everything right, or you attend every meeting and aren't a second late... The Lord loves you because of you are His, and that will never change.

See, regardless of our level of perfection in a certain class or at a meeting, he is always constant, always.

Regardless of our inability to give ourselves creditor to take time to breathe, his loves you fully, with no prerequisites.

That is what had gotten me through the majority of my sleepless night when a responsibility or test kept me awake at night with anxious thoughts.

Regardless of our performance, or how good we look to the people of this Earth, our worth is found in God, and we must not let performance or standards of society fog up our sight of that.

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