Emotions are a scary and wonderful thing we all experience every single day in our lives. While one thing can make you feel a sensation of happiness and joy, others can make you feel like there’s no point to keep going in this world. I can tell you first hand that giving up is never the answer.

Think about your life for a second. Think about how many people you affect every single day. Think about how if you weren’t there anymore. Tell me your parents wouldn’t stay up all hours of the night wondering what they did to make you want to end the life they created for you. Tell me your best friend wouldn’t feel empty looking at the pictures of you two hanging on their wall. Tell me your sister or brother wouldn’t miss messing around with you everyday or calling you when they needed some advise. Tell me that you leaving this word wouldn’t affect one single person.

Think about your life again. Think about how much things change in just one year, even in half of a year. Whatever you’re feeling and going through won’t feel like such a catastrophe given enough time. Sometimes you need to be absolutely destroyed in order to grow into the person you need to be. You just need to realize that this is something that you can get through. There are going to be brighter days and people that make life worth living.

Next time when you feel like giving up is the only option, talk to someone. Tell them exactly how you’re feeling and you will quickly realize how much you’re actually worth. Like I said, letting go is not the answer and will never be the answer.