To the ones who care a little too much, myself included,

I write this letter not only to you but also to myself. I write it to the current, present, and future versions of us all. Why? Because it's always applicable no matter what part of your life you're in. I hope at least one person can take something away from this.

I despise the way you look around like the world has its eyes on only you.

Most days you are conscious of the way you look. You look around and every person a mirror for you. Everywhere you turn, there is another person with a different angle of you.. A different perspective of who you are. You try meeting the expectations of every mirror and beat yourself up when you don't meet this impossible standard that you have set up.

"You wake up every day and you act like you have the RIGHT to care about what other people think of you." My sister once told me this.

When in reality, you do not have this right. You don't have the right to let people tear you down with their thoughts and opinions. You don't have the authority to let yourself become filled with the lies that you feed yourself.

Your worth does not come from the reflections that show up on the mirrors of everyone else in this world.

Your worth does not come from material goods. It doesn't come from the grades you get. It doesn't come from the clothes you wear. It doesn't come from the popularity you have on social media.

Your worth does come from what you root your own character in.

You choose how you respond to every situation. If for some reason someone does judge you and holds the perspective and angle they see you from, then that is where they are at fault. That person does not have the RIGHT to judge you.

That person does not have the right to walk a thousand miles while holding your shoes in their hands while criticizing you for walking barefoot. They are not the ones walking barefoot.

You think you have the right to care about what people think, but you're wrong.

You do, however, have the right to care about what you think about yourself in a positive matter. You have the ability to build yourself up and see the beautiful/handsome person you are.

Why would you choose to see yourself in the reflection of others?

You are not a reflection of what other people's glass shows.


A girl overcoming the same battles as you.