A Letter To The Next POTUS

Dear Mr./Mrs. President,

I'd like to begin by congratulating you on receiving the highest honor of becoming the next leader of this great nation. I'd like you to know that I personally will NOT be moving to Canada if the candidate that I voted for didn't win (they shall remain a mystery) because I prefer to believe that my country will not be in total ruins if either of you wins. I choose to have faith, and pray for both of you. I would like to wish you the best of luck for the next four years. Obama is handing you over a handful, but I'm sure you already know that.

I'd like to ask you if you would please take this job seriously–not saying that you have shown that you aren't, but I'm just letting you know that this country means a lot to me, and to its people. I'd like to ask you to keep God in our country. We may be a country known for its beautiful, diverse people, but no matter what the people believe in, God is in our nation. You have both shown some sort of Christian values. Please let those beliefs and morals guide you to do what's best for America.

Now I would like to apologize. As you already well know, this election has been unusual, to say the least. You have both received some hard blows. When I voted, I chose to look past your characters and simply voted base off of policies. I wish I could say America did the same, but I'm probably one of the few.

Please know that even though both of you have your "Never ____" clubs, there are people who just want what's best for our country and we will be the ones supporting and praying that you do what's right. Whether you want to make America great again or make us stronger together, ultimately (I'd like to believe), you both have the same goal.

You have some hurdles to clear to get what you need done. You'll make some mistakes, and I'll forgive you. You'll do some great things, and I'll applaud you. All through the way, I, and the rest of the country, will be praying that you will do my beloved America justice. I pray you'll protect us. We are putting our lives in your hands; please treat them with dignity, respect, care, and show the world that our country is still strong.

Protect us from ISIS, help our people in need, guide our country in the right direction, save the economy, fix what's broken, and most of all–make America proud!

God bless you, and God bless America,

SUNY New Paltz Undergrad Mary Nichols

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