A Letter To My Sister On Her First Day Of Senior Year
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Student Life

A Letter To My Sister On Her First Day Of Senior Year

Take It Slow

A Letter To My Sister On Her First Day Of Senior Year

Oh my goodness, I can’t believe that the time has came for your final year of high school. I can remember when I was a senior just three short years ago, I couldn’t even begin to imagine that you would ever be old enough for the same thing to happen to you. You have came so far and have such a big and bright future ahead of you.

I want to tell you a few things that I learned when I was a senior to help you prepare for the year that you will have ahead of you.

Take it all in and slow down

  • Now you may want this year to rush by so fast. The thought of becoming an adult excites you. Having that freedom to do anything, being on your own, no parents. You can almost taste it. I know you want to get out of our small town and start your life as an “adult” and become your own person. You feel that one step closer too because you are a senior.

You’re an untouchable. You think the world is at your fingertips. You will have everything you will want and life will just be a breeze because it's your last year. Well, it’s not. And you are not even close to being an adult. You are still 17 going on 18, and you have a lot of life to learn.

Do me a favor please, don’t wish for graduation. I want you to wake up on your first day of school, get ready for the last time as a high school student their first day of class and look at yourself. You made it. You made it to your final year. In just a few short months you will have made it through 12 years of schooling. Through the ups and downs the best accomplishments and many memories. I want you to take in the drive, don't drive to fast as pretty soon you wont drive that drive anymore. I want you to walk in on the first day and be excited this will be the last first day you will experience.

Where there is a after school event or game go! Go to every event you can possibly go to, cheer on every team no matter if we are good this year or not. Be with your friends, laugh, cry, be crazy, and have fun. Because this will be gone before you know it.

Study hard

  • Yeah, they say high school is going to get you ready for college. That is somewhat true to an extent. There is still so much you really learn when you get to college. That will be a discussion for another time. Study hard and do your homework. Don’t slack off just because you're a “senior” now and you think you are better and don’t need to go to class all the time. Don't be like how I was and skip you FST class once a week because you didn't feel like staying at school for your last hour of class. That will hurt you and you will regret it later in life and think why did I do that. Your GPA still matters and you will still need that. Try to finish strong, I know it might be hard because you might get in the mood of who cares but it does matter. Try to make mom and dad still proud.

Go to the dances and proms

  • Yeah, I know they are not what they are said to be. But go anyways because it is your last year to go. One day you will look back on old pictures and say to yourself "man that dance was so lame, but we made the best of it," or "I can't believe I thought that dress was in style back that," and it gives our future kids a story to talk to each other about too. "Hey can you believe mom wore that to a high school dance?" just like how you and I talk about mom's "terrific" fashion sense back in the day. Go with a date, get dressed up and pretty and look like a little princess for a night. Let me go prom dress shopping with you one last time and wish I was still in high school to get a pretty dress like you. Get pampered again for a day. Take pictures with your friends and their dates. Have fun, laugh, dance your butt off on the dance floor and show everyone those sick moves you have that I see every night in the kitchen, enjoy the little moments because before long all you will have are the memories. I know they all might not what they are cracked up to be. But it is your last year.

I am always here

  • I know this year will be hard and stressful too. I know you will need to make one of the biggest decisions of your life and that is a scary thing to do. Yet at the same time I know the pressure that mom and dad can put on you to make up your mind and it feels like a thousand bricks chucked right at you. I am always here to listen to you and to help you out when you need it. I am here to hold you when you cry, to yell at you to stop dragging your feet and do something about it, to let you a room to stay at night when you just need a break and a fun release when you need a break from life. Senior year can be a love hate relationship and I am here to help you get through it and give you the support you need.

Keep the focus

  • Finish strong and keep the focus for the future. Know that bigger things are going to happen in your life. This is just a stepping point. Don’t get caught up in petty drama. Keep your head on straight and you will be a okay. When life gets hard and you feel like you are ready to explode, its going to be okay. Take a deep breath calm down and relax. You got this girl! You can do it and just think about that life you want, one with all those dogs, in a nice house driving your nice car. Your future is so bright keep the focus to achieve those great goals you have for yourself.

Pick out the school you want to go to

  • Don’t wait till the last minute like I did. Make up your mind at the beginning of the year. If you wait a long time, you will be disappointed and upset with yourself. We can’t have both of us be like that! And apply for every scholarship possible; you will need them! So don’t slack off!

In the end I am so proud of you and the amazing person you have become. I don't say that because I am partial to it, I say it because I have seen the change in you. I have seen you grown from this quiet girl that kept to herself to this girl with confidence and a great head on her shoulders. I would fear that one day you wouldn't be able to handle yourself because you are just a sweet person that wants to please everyone. But you have shown me along with so many other people that when they cross you, it is not a good thing. I have seen you grow in the past 12 years not only as a person but as a great athlete in the sports you play. I am so proud of you and the person you have started to become, I can't wait to see what you have left up your sleeve in the next 12 years.

I love you with all my heart and I can’t wait to keep watching my little sister grow up and keep developing into this fine woman. You have so much going for you!

Love you always!

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