A Letter To My Childhood Best Friend

A Letter To My Childhood Best Friend

There is no one else on this planet that I would rather have called my best friend all these years.

Maggie Goodwin

To the best friend I’ve ever had,

Words can’t even describe how lucky I feel not only to have met you almost 18 years ago, but to also have the chance to grow up with you and still have you by my side today. You have taught me so much throughout those years, but the most important was definitely how to be a friend. Through good times and bad, I knew that no matter what the situation was, you were with me every step of the way and still are. I knew that no matter what time, you would always be my “phone-a-friend” and have given me more advice on endless things than anyone ever.

In 18 years, so many things can and will change, but you have always been the one thing that I could constantly count on, and I wouldn’t change that for anything. So many people can come and go, and we know that, but I know that however far you or I go, the other person will always be there right behind, encouraging and supporting one another in whatever it may be. Even if at times I sounded absolutely insane.

Another great thing about knowing each other since we were three is that we know and have gone through everything together. From first field trips in Pre-K to prom to going away to college, we’ve been together through it all. You know me better than anyone and better than anyone ever will. Leaving for college was probably one of the hardest things ever for that reason. Even though were only 163 miles apart, I was much happier knowing we were only about a 10-minute car ride away at home. While the thought of this was scary in the beginning, the amazing things that we have both been able to accomplish and achieve away at school have been countless. The one thing that I find truly incredible about our friendship is that no matter how much we have grown up and changed over the years, we have never grown apart, only closer together.

All in all, there is no one else on this planet that I would rather have called my best friend all these years. I’m forever thankful for our friendship and all of the unconditional love that you have shown me throughout the years. I’m so proud of everything that you have accomplished, and I cannot wait to see all of the amazing things that you do in the years to come. Even though I don’t say it as often as I should, I am truly grateful for you and our crazy friendship. I can’t wait to see what the next 18 and many years after that have in store for us.

Love you forever and ever!

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