A Letter To My Younger Self

Dear younger me,

Let me start off by saying you need to stop apologizing for everything. You will learn that people won't really appreciate your apologizing and that you say it too often over small things. Don't worry though, you'll eventually realize that you don't need to sorry to everyone because you're having a bad day.

At the moment in your life you'll probably going through some stuff and wishing that you could be like every other teenager. It's alright to feel what you're feeling; it's okay to be jealous of other girls and wanting to be doing things other people are doing. You will see that one that it's better to be your own person and that you'll even get to do cooler things in your lifetime.

I appreciate that you're still weird. I know it bugged you when your were a freshman, but you'll grow to appreciate your weirdness -- eventually making it the best thing about you. Just remember that being normal is not as cool as it seems.

As of now, boys don't get any better for you. I know you desire a relationship like you find in a fairy tale or your favorite John Green novel, but soon you'll grow to find that swiping right is all you got. No one is perfect. No one is going to fit your ideal image for a guy. Be happy and content where and who are with. Unless, you do meet that ideal guy... Then I know you'll jump on that, girl.

You will learn to embrace everything about you. From your small figure, to the no butt, and to your freckles. You may have some more insecurities a long the way, but loving yourself is still a long process and it won't happen over night. Trust me, I wish it did.

Your favorite app is still Tumblr. But you will no longer be that cliche tumblr girl. It's really not that popular even though back then you thought you were the coolest girl on the block. Just appreciate the art and cute quotes.

Your taste in music will drastically change. Of course, you still hate country, because it's um country... But you will start to enjoy different varieties of music from indie, indie rock, rnb, pop, classical, and more. You'll will also become obsessed with the idea of sharing and obsessing over bands with people. There will be times when a conversation will be boring and you could wish that the other person would shut up, so you can just talk about music. A lot of people will love your taste in music.

Lastly, don't worry about the suffocating feeling of lonliness. It will go away and then it will come back. You'll have good days and you'll have bad days. There will be days when you will be hopeless and fantastic days where you will be on top of the world. There will be times wen you will have no friends and times when you will have some great friends. People will grow up -- you will grow up and move on. That's how it will go... So good luck, kid.

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