Dear "Dad"

Dear "Dad,"

There's quotation marks around "Dad" because you're not my dad. You weren't really there for me. I didn't learn anything from you. You didn't teach me how to tie my shoes, how to ride a bike, how to use a drill, how to throw a football, how to drive, how to not cry at small things. You never taught me any of that because you were never around.

I hardly remember you. And, god, you don't even live in the same state as me. Is it disappointing that I only have one vivid memory of you? All I can remember is realizing how much I looked like you and how unfair that was because you aren't ever around. You didn't even care to ask how I've been.

When I faced achievements, you were facing another direction. When I faced death, you were looking the other way. Why do you not care about me? I am a product of you! I am a real human being! I am a living, breathing person! Why do you not care about me?!

I used to really wish you cared, sometimes. I used to. Mom found someone who cares about her, and who cares about my sister - your other daughter - and me. I have another person who cares about me more than you probably ever could. I don't understand how you could be so careless.Yet, you care enough to create another living, breathing girl. You already have two. But you make no effort to declare us as your own.

You're not my dad, you're my "dad."

I don't dislike you, but I don't like you either.

I hope you can love this new one the same way you should have loved me.



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