A Letter To My Older Cousin Who I Consider My Sister
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A Letter To My Older Cousin Who I Consider My Sister

You're the best big cousin/sister a girl could ever ask for.

A Letter To My Older Cousin Who I Consider My Sister
Virginia Martinez

"Cousins are people that are ready made friends, you have laughs with them and remember good times from a young age, you have fights with them but you always know you love each other, they are a better thing than brothers and sisters and friends cause there all pieced together as one." ~Courtney Cox

When I was younger I would ask my dad about you and ask him when you were coming here from the Dominican Republic. I'm pretty sure I got on his last nerve every time I asked, but you were the only first cousin at the time (from his side) and I really wanted to get to know you.

Years of waiting and the day finally came.

In the summer of 2009, you and your mom came from the Dominican Republic and my excitement grew tremendously. I was so happy to finally see you for the first time since I last saw you back in 2006, I believe?

When you came you spoke a little bit of English at the time, but it was okay because you learned more as you started to settle in.

We started talking more and hanging out with the family. I felt so happy that you and your mom were finally here. Family has always been important to me and having you guys unite with the rest of us truly felt like one.

As you settled in...

We did everything together. You even moved next door to us a couple years after, and I would spend more time at your house than in mine. My mom would call me constantly ask me: "Do you even live here anymore?"

That is how you know we spent a lot of time together. We went on froyo dates, shopping, binge watch tv, and more.

And then...

You got older, and I wasn't old enough.

You made really cool friends. I would see you go out with them and have fun.

We began to spend less time.

I felt sad because I felt us drifting apart.

You got into a relationship and moved to a different state, and I was happy for you.

We went from speaking and seeing each other less to not talking at all. We both continued with our lives. I still loved you and was proud of all the accomplishments you made.

It became harder when I lost the first person I was closest to. After my aunt died I felt like I had no one. I was sad, extremely distraught and just not mentally capable of the changes going on. I usually turned to you or my aunt, but I had neither, so I depended on myself and set goals for myself.

I started to get better. You eventually reached out to me and shared how proud you were of me. It meant so much to me, that it give me more motivation to keep striving.

You became an inspiration for me because of...

Your desire for helping people, charisma, kind heart, sweet smile really brightened up someone's day. It amazes me because not many people possess those qualities, especially with all the injustices going on in the world today.

You have such a sweet heart that I can see my reflection in you. We possess similar qualities, and for that, I always looked up to you. Not just because you were my older cousin, but because I related to you (no pun intended).

I began to accept our long distance relationship

Even though we were both doing our own thing. I was extremely happy when you announced that you became a CNA. Just like you were accomplishing your goals, I was doing the same. I know you struggled, but God gave us this hard battle because he knew we would overcome it. As a result, We both grew from our encounters and achieved everything we set our hearts to.

I made me think about the old days when...

We laughed, had fun, and got emotional, and be fatasses together. And I wouldn't want to do any of that with anyone (except for maybe my future husband, and that's a maybe).

I've seen you cry, angry, happy, proud, you name it. Each time I was always there. You've seen me cry, happy, proud, and more. Each time you were always there too. We turn to each other for everything. Man, did I miss those days!

A few months later...

You announced that you were moving back MA. My feelings were beyond happiness at that point.

All I could think was "Wow! She is moving back and now we get to spend time together and catch up on those few missing years we lost, as well as make more memories."

I also remember how happy I was when we talked on the phone last May and I told you about my graduation. You said you would call the day off from work to watch me walk the stage. Till this day it truly meant a lot to me that you came on one of the most important days of my life.

After that, you started coming to MA more often and would call me every time you did to hang out. Here's the catch-- you own a car now! So no more walking everywhere!

It wasn't until we went out with our relatively crazy dads (Lord help us both) that it hit me. That day I went with my dad to pick you and your dad up. You sat in the back with me, while your dad sat in the front with my dad. I'm sure you know where I'm going with this.

Our dad's already started making jokes as usual. Not even two seconds together and they already started to make us laugh. It was until that very moment that I felt this feeling in my chest where this was the perfect moment. We were the start of a new bond. A new bond that I will always cherish. All of us were having a great time and spent the night out And yet of course you know my dad had to say something about us, so said something about him and your dad bonding with their daughters (us) and just sounded so happy.

That was a spark of a new bond.


You pick me up from school whenever you can, randomly call me to see what I'm up to, go out to eat and then impulsively decide to go to Boston. Oh, and get each other to watch crime-related TV series like Quantico or HTGAWM.

We are also in constant communication, but this time I can feel it growing stronger than ever.

I also remember on your birthday I got really sick and you took care of me. You made sure I was okay throughout the night. And that is when...

It felt like we were sisters.

You were there for me, protected me and helped me recover.

It wasn't until recently, we both had some significant changes in our personal lives. Our venting sessions became a weekly thing or an 'ASAP!' What I enjoy about our long talks is our ability to sympathize with each other. Having a mature and educated conversation. It is never judgmental or talking over one another. It's always respectful and calm (except when we start preaching). Sometimes, the tears will come out, ut we also brought out the hugs and tissues every time. You're my shoulder to cry on, my best friend, my personal CNA, my cousin, and my sister.

Even if I don't always say or show it, I truly appreciate you and love you as if you were my real sister. I will always support, defend and be proud of you no matter what!

Our relationship is strong and you know that we will be successful!

Before, I conclude I want you to remember that things will get better, and you're on the right path to success! Whatever you're facing now is just temporary. You're an amazing person with many wonderful qualities. You're one of my biggest influencers, and one day we will be professionals, living in a nice home with our families. Reach for the stars girl!

I love you always & forever


Your little "sister"

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