A Letter to my high school girls,

To the girls who I made my high school memories with,

Thank you for being just as nervous as me at the beginning of freshman year. Thank you for trying new things with me and making a fool of yourself with me. For getting lost in the seemingly enormous new building and for sitting with me at lunch.

Thank you for studying with me during midterms and finals week even though that never actually meant studying.

Thank you for always embracing spirit week with me. Some of my favorite pictures of us include ridiculous pajamas or head to toe school colors.

Thank you for always being there. Whether it was a football game, a lazy winter night, or a day of spring shopping, thank you for always being willing to do something fun.

Thank you for always being down for a day in Boston. I know it was always my go to suggestion, so thank you for always accompanying me downtown. Whether it was for lunch, a day of shopping, or a quick Georgetown cupcake, thank you for always saying yes.

Thank you for always asking me what I wanted from Starbucks when you went during school hours. You saved the day over and over with your midday coffee deliveries.

Thank you for letting me spend the night at your house, even if that meant sharing a bed or one of us sleeping on the floor. Late night movies always turned into late morning slumber parties.

Thank you for coming to every high school event with me. Whether it was screaming at a football or a hockey game or sitting through the talent show together, it was always better when it was all of us.

Thank you for always being willing to stay up all night to talk to me when I needed it.

Thank you for always sharing your clothes with me. Whether it was a sock that I forgot before track practice or a dress for homecoming, thank you for always leaving your closet door open.

Thank you for letting me come to all of your events and games and performances. I have such great memories of watching my girls play their game or dance in a recital.

Thank you for loving my crazy family. For coming to birthday parties and family dinners and always saying hi to my parents. They love you girls too.

Thank you for all of the summer beach trips. Thank you for ice cream nights and dinner dates and aimless drives.

Thank you for dress shopping with me, whether it was for sophomore homecoming, junior cruise, senior prom, or a graduation party.

Thank you for always being willing to dance and sing with me, whether it was in the car or on the dance floor.

Thank you for savoring every moment of senior year with me. I have such specific memories with each of you.

Thank you for always encouraging me to chase my dreams, even if that meant leaving you.

Thank you for still answering the phone when I call, for sending me notes in the mail, for missing me just as much as I miss you.

I am proud of each of you. I am thankful for all of you. Thank you for setting the bar high for friendships. You have shown me how to have fun. I love you and I miss you, but I know each of you is doing the thing you were meant to do. Here’s to new friendships and old memories.