Something I realized over the years is something my mom has been telling me my entire life and that is the fact that it is so important to have guy friends as a girl. Guy friends help you explore the world differently and from an entirely different perspective. It is crazy how much my guy friends have helped me through the hardest and weirdest of times.

Although my girlfriends are great and I would never replace what they do for me, guys friends are different in how they approach situations and how they handle emotions. They are so much more easy going and they do not get angry over subtweets or an Instagram picture that they were not a part of. And even though sometimes I really do not understand how they can just let things go, they are so important for these specific reasons.

If it were not for my guy's friends, my sanity level might be shot. If it were not for my guy friends, I would never know how a boy could truly treat me. If it were not for my guy friends, I would have never gone on random adventures, whether they are good or bad ideas. If it were not for my guy friends, I would never have a never ending support system because it is actually impossible to piss you guys off. You guys never fail to leave my side, no matter how dramatic I can be (which can sometimes be often).

Thank you for always telling me the truth, even when it may be harsh. You always tell me whether I look good or whether I should pick something else to wear. I always count on a stamp of approval from my guy friends.

Thank you for always being sensitive to me when I need it. Thank you for listening to the stupid girl drama and then telling me that I need to get over it and go on a hike. Thank you for making me laugh even when I am crying.

Thank you for calming me down when I am freaking out over a boy who makes absolutely no sense to me. Thank you for protecting me from guys who are no good for me. Whether it is pretending you are my boyfriend so someone would leave me alone or stand up for me when I could not or refused to stand up for myself, you guys always had my back.

You guys will never understand how you have impacted me and have taught me that life is not all that seriously. You all taught me true loyalty, true laughter, true adventures, and true friendship. I do not know where I would be without the constant support, the hugs, and the long talks about love and life.

You are the absolute best. Thank you for keeping me above water and helping me understand that life is so much more than what it seems. I love you guys.